What’s the Deal? I am Neglecting my Journal.

Throughout the day or weeks, I think, “Oh my gosh, I just can’t wait to write about this.” But that’s when the disconnect occurs. Len found a reallllly interesting article in USA Today about chemo brain. I am going to stick the site in here for future reference. It is right on point from my perspective.

So, here are the recent big deals and not in much of an order. I went to Florida for just short of a week. The pattern IMG_4794.JPG is that I spend 2-3 days with Cee in Longboat Key then on to Stephanie’s in The Villages for 2-3 days. Cee and I had a lovely time – I have been going to Longboat Key since 1969….but this is a first. Cee is in a new-to-her house just 6 houses down from where she has been—the house her parents lived in until they died—and she inherited. It is just great—full of character and perfect for her—heck anyone. We looked for rug art, walked the beach, ate and shopped at St. Armand’s Circle, and had dinner guests all in two and a half days!


One quirky experience is that we saw what we thought was a little stingray washed up on the beach. Cee saved it by guiding it back into the water. I took photos and when it screeched once, I screeched. I remember the not too smart wildlife aficionado getting stung in the heart and dying while swimming with the ray. I took no chances and let Cee do the righteous and brave deed. Come to find out it was a Manta Ray and totallllly harmless. They can get HUGE, like the size of a car. So this guy might have been freshly hatched (?). I don’t have time to look up how they reproduce but it would make good cocktail talk some day.IMG_4757.JPG

I took the circuuuuuuuuuuuitous route to The Villages…from Tampa to Miami then to Orlando. Steph picked me up at the airport. Next time, I will rent a car in Sarasota then drive up. It is only a couple of hours at the most. But I do love the Miami airport so it wasn’t a loss at all. I also love The Villages and I don’t get it at all. I am not interested in living there and I am completely interested in living there. What I really like, is visiting there! Sarge was in and out playing tennis, pickle ball, softball, golf, and poker. Steph and I believe that conversation and belly laughs are the basis of a good purge. She is far superior to any psychiatrist. I don’t think I could survive without my annual visit. We went Carrie’s, Steph’s daughter’s, Christmas Hula performance in the church at Spanish Trail. It was beautiful like carols are when they are signed as in sign language. Hmmmm, what else? I just love my time with Steph and Sarge. I kinda think I can do no wrong with them. Maybe if I ordered veal. That’s where Steph becomes a maniac and maybe discussions about women’s’ rights too Steph is Len’s favorite liberal ever since she visited and out of boredom folded the laundry including his underwear. He didn’t know it could be folded once out of the package. I mean really, where is the drama and impact of folding underwear? I prefer to just be entertaining.


Stephanie and I just had a quick phone call….she said something to this effect. “I just have to evaluate how much energy I am going to give to this issue. It’s like calories…you just have so much you can use in a day.” Verrrry good analogy regarding letting things go and what is good for you and what is not.

Ok, here is what I came away with AGAIN: I want to be a minimalist like both Steph and Cee. I can’t really say who is the most bare bones of the two. I mean there is zero fluff in either home—neither cabinets nor drawers. I know, I look. Steph wins as the cleanest person I know. She is a happy microphobe. She loves alcohol for its household cleaning properties. Both life buddies have very attractive homes and no clutter. I think they pray for me RE: Clutter. So, I came home and for 24 hours I was a minimalist. Oh that I had access to one of those POD containers. I de-cluttered the kitchen in frenzy, tossed ancient fabric samples and wallpaper, sprayed every inch of my counters with alcohol, tossed all the half-dried-up ballpoint pens and 5 year-old rubber bands. So what if there is a Depression? I know how to make charcoal to write on the 6 sets of white king-sized sheets, if necessary. BUT, I refuse to rid my house of Mason jars. There really could be a Depression and I really could ‘put up’ Prickly Pears. I am, after all, an old Home Ec. teacher. We know these things. So besides learning to de-clutter, I learned about keeping a pitcher of Southern Comfort Manhattans in the freezer at all times. It is a readiness thing and how to cook Beef Wellington Minis when everyone likes a different doneness.IMG_4885.jpg

This is NOT about being a minimalist. I need Sally to teach me why it is good to take nothing in a suitcase. At the last minutes of packing mania, I couldn’t concentrate so I took 10 pair of shoes. In case of everything, including nuclear war. I gave away one pair while in Florida and bought three more pairs. A total of 12 pair of shoes for the return home. Sounds like a question on the Graduate Record Exam and maybe an episode of the Hoarder reality show.

My hair is bone straight. I like to think all that good chemo poison is almost out of me. My last chemo was December 23…so I am just short of a one year anniversary. I will take straight hair. I am almost down to the lowest split of the serotonin up take inhibitor—I did do a little crying for no apparent reason this week but I can live with that.

Yesterday, Len and I went to Sears to buy a new washer and dryer because in our dryer you can dry clothes for 15 hours and they are still soggy. While in the store, I recognized the post office clerk who sent me a prayer blanket without ever knowing me personally. I introduced myself, we hugged, and we both cried. You know, cancer can give you some good stuff if you are on the living end of it.

Since I have been home I have also been doing the pre-preparation for the Killeen, December Birthday Club soiree…a brunch here on December 19th. It means all my talk about minimizing is BS. Excessive Christmas loot has been brought out and added to. I have made 3 trips to Hobby Lobby for the same items. Not just that– but three out of town Hobby Lobbys. I guess I like doing this, I don’t know.

I wonder about these things. People (?) who like their eggs only cooked one way, meatloaf only one way, Christmas trees one way, coffee prepared one way, dishes in the dishwasher one way, cars kept one way, bed time rituals one way, holiday meals one way, etc. etc. I like to think about these things and how we came to be this way. I think it was parenting, parenting, parenting. IMG_4887.jpg

Now that I am on to thinking about Christmas rituals, I need to watch Love Actually and also The Bishop’s Wife. OMG, I do think Loretta Young was the most beautiful woman on earth.

This week I need to write about the popular, 1960s, predominantly Black, Eastwood Country Club in San Antonio. Or not.


One Response to “What’s the Deal? I am Neglecting my Journal.”

  1. Lou Ann Weaks Says:

    Susan – There is really no hope for your becoming a minimalist, so give it up!!!!!

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