A Divine Christmas Day


I am in the bedroom, sitting up in bed, listening to my favorite Zenesque music, and writing in my journal. Chances are a nap is in my immediate future. Billy and David left about 5:30 yesterday with all the leftovers I could pack for them. I still have enough soup to feed a Division at Ft. Hood. Most of it is in the freezer for Mom. We slept in today and have had no agenda. Mom and I dressed up and made up for some reason. Probably because we like looking our best even if it is just for us. Len has been struck down with a cold or, I hope not, the flu. He is principled about flu shots…which means he thinks the flu vaccine makes him sick. I have led the discussion on live and dead viruses to no avail. I hope it is a cold. Becky was sick for two weeks with something nasty. I won’t think of it. So, he has been in his chair, covered with the best-ever throws, sleeping soundly. Here is how I know he is sick. He takes my advice about Alka Seltzer and Emergen-C. IMG_4967.JPG

I walked Diego around the property a couple of times in my shirt sleeves. The sun was shining and some wind…that was before the ‘front’ hit. Now it is 39F and the wind is blowing 35 mph! This calls for tea and napping. Mom is in my den, a nice fire roaring, with the Nix and Lakers on TV… but she is riveted to the 9 photo albums I pulled out for her. She hasn’t seen these photos in years. They are from our travels together, travel with Len, travel with chums, old extended family, pets, etc. She is in heaven.

We took a break earlier for tamales, soup, and risotto. Mom is still Mom. She said, “Honey, did you make this? It is so good.” I didn’t take any credit for the tamales but the risotto got me some points. While I was scurrying around the kitchen, Mom was seated at the island not saying anything. Then she said, “You remind me of Momma. She could never sit still and she always had some project going on.” I took this as a great compliment.

I am thinking of friends gone: Pam, Jay and Day, Mattie Lee and Jim, Daddy, Rita, June and Leo, Jo Scherb,–the list is too long. It is very quiet. I am at peace today.

IMG_5019.jpg IMG_5025.jpg


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