New Years Eve 2012

I gotta hustle…I am resolving to buy no earrings in 2013…so I see a really awesome pair in the Sundance Catalog. So realllllly fast I am going to order them. OK, done! My last earring purchase for a year….that is unless, these have to be returned. In that case, I will be able to buy one pair this next year.

I like the idea of resolutions except for the pressure. Nancy F. used to resolve every year to take better care of her elbows. That cracks me up. Ok, in less than one hour it will be 2013 so I am writin’ fast. Next year, I will have reddish hair again; be healthier; joyful; grateful; and continue to serve my sisters and brothers in the chemo center. That’s it. As an unofficial commitment, I may try to reduce my non-essential spending. Oh, and good grief, yes….the purging. I am into it big time. Not the eating disorder version but the clear out the junk kind of purging. More in a later paragraph.

Len and I went to Pfluggerville today and bought him and Mickey cat a new coffee table for Len’s den. It is more for geico450_35768c.jpeg the cat than Len and he readily admits that. Mickey likes to watch TV commercials from a coffee table…I think, he may be near sighted, anyway, he especially likes watching the Geico Lizard. Mikey salivates at the very thought of a lizard having a popular TV commercial. So, now that is ordered and will be delivered Jan 9th. . From there we went on a serious blowout grease and calorie binge at Mighty Fine Burgers in Round Rock.


Home just in time for me to make a fire and take a serious 2 ½ hour nap. Oh heavenly way to spend a rainy, cold day, under my perfectly wondrous, soft blanket….I am getting like Linus and his blanket. Len took these pictures and I like them a lot. Only thing missing is a fat cat.

Last night the Happy Hour crew came for a pre New Years Eve celebration. We celebrated Joann’s good medical reports and our blessings. We missed our chums the Lawsons who, poor dears, are in Merida, Mexico, with Ann and Wayne! It says something when the big activity was my new topographical jigsaw puzzle. Dang. We are old. No hip-hop or sparklers for us. The Manhattans were popular and we had a good discussion about President Garfield and especially the book, Destiny of the Republic: A Tale of Madness, Medicine and the Murder of a President. Good book.


OK, back to purging. What is going on with me? I am driven, driven, driven to rid this house of my hordes. I am going to give things away, sell what I can, and feel lighter for the effort. I want drawers and shelves empty. This afternoon—after the nap—I put up the Christmas decorations since Max and I took the tree down this morning. I love that man. He helped me untangle yards and yards of glass garland. Len likes paying Max to do this kind of thing. He likes it a lot. I selected a lot of ornaments to go in the spring garage sale and tossed others. I hope this urge to purge…cute rhyme, isn’t some kind of biological clock indicating my imminent demise. I mustn’t think of that. Anyway, it feels very good to clear out the old.


I almost got rid of some of my crumbling German dolls that have adorned my tree for 40 plus years. I just couldn’t say Auf Wiedersehen. I bought these when we got first married in Hanau at the Handwerk Stübe…they are handmade obviously and made of stockings…or as they were called, strumpfhosen. I loved the characters, the Jagermeister, the Krankenschwester, der alter jüdisher Mann, die Frauenkåufer, der Shornsteinferger, und so weiter. Next year I will let them go. They are coming apart and they kinda stink!

I have all the ingredients for Hoppin’ John tomorrow. I will fire up the crock pot before Len and I head out for the movie…I can’t even recall what the name of the movie is….I may buy the tickets tonight to make sure we get a seat.

Damn, must get this posted in 15 minutes. I hope the umlauts don’t get lost in translation. Happy New Year! Done only 5 minutes late!


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