Well Damn. It Stopped Raining and On Houses and Homes


I wanted to get home in time to get a roaring fire started and then a good sit-down to write. As it is, it is starting to clear up so in no time it will look like Arizona. AND to add insult to injury, the Star Furniture truck came with our new coffee table only to get major, major stuck in the freshly made mud from the 5” of rain we had since yesterday. So Len is understandably annoyed. I am sooooooo glad he was here. I see Diego jumping around and making the deliverymen nuts and Len walking toward the truck with some kind of tire ramps that we possesses for a reason I don’t know. BUT if they work, hallelujah! If Len were not out there, I bet one of the guys would give Diego a good swift kick. Uh oh, I hear the truck-revving up which means they will be more stuck and some giant tow truck will be required. I took the second photo in the panoramic mode…cool….look the guy’s head is detached from his body. Love it. I am letting this go emotionally. I am not responsible for all things. Period.

Now I am hoping to address a few things on my journal list of topics…I think I will focus on my romance with white houses and then do some free fall thinking. Here is how it is with me. I see the simple, white bungalow or frame house either in town or in the country and I just know those home owners are just plain nice. Now, of course this can’t be true …there are bound to be some real ne’er-do-wells in the mix BUT I just have this belief…sort of like believing in fairies. It also probably has to do with my Grandma’s house. I think I haven’t ever mentioned that her front yard in Kaw City, Oklahoma had no grass. Instead, it had this real fine dirt and I could almost swear that Grandma raked it smooth flat almost like a Japanese raked garden. Most captivating to me was how she had lined the flowerbeds with quartz that some of the ‘boys’ (aka uncles) had found out on the job. In addition to the quartz there was fool’s gold and some blackish rock cylinders that came from the oil field. This may have been the beginning of my interest in all things ornamental.


OK, some years ago I was driving down Blackberry Road where our house is located. An old, abandoned house had stood there for as long as I could remember. This is not the house. I mean the real house was a ruin with a tree lying across the roof, windows broken, and paint peeling. On this particular day there were two women standing a distance apart from one another. One was more or less keeping her distance and I feel like she was giving her what ?–sister, friend, cousin, I don’t know, some distance. The other woman stood in front of the house looking and weeping. It made me so sad. I knew that meant something. A day or two later, the house was bulldozed down. Her tender farewell to that little, white, frame house broke my heart too. I felt like a voyeur.

Now on house decisions that I made that were stupid: At the last minute I had the builder leave out the door to Len’s den. Very dumb. Now I am going to get one like an office door of yesteryear put in when we do the remodeling…that is if I ever get off my fat rear end and get a contractor. I also did not have the bookcases in my den flush to the walls. I also did not request closets of some kind in each room….this I think can be easily remedied in Len’s den. He just told me he is not in favor of fixing this. Humph. What else? Well, in my opinion but not Len’s, I think we have too many doors. Len loves doors. By his request every room in the house but two have outside doors.


Now on my future in the ‘Home.’ I am almost certain I have written about this before. I will try to do a search right quick. So, apparently I haven’t written about my expectations of the ‘Home.’ I will want to have ready access to the ‘housekeeping area’ where there will be an ironing board and an iron that can’t burn me and lots of napkins to press. Just the thought of it soothes me. I will also want a dress up area where I can put on boas, hats, jewels, shoes, and the works. Also a bar area. Given these sections, I might be content and not require a restraint chair.


This is all out of order and I don’t think I am doing justice to the topics. I had lunch with Foy this past week…we still talk of the same exact things every time we get together. We invited Fr. M and C to get together with us but I think they just have a lot on their plates. I will try again but I think it might not ever happen.

Next: Music. I have certain songs over the years that just do the trick…for motivation; all I need is to hear the theme song from Rocky or The Aggie War Hymn. For a good weep, I can listen to Claude Debussy’s Claire de Lune or Bobby Vee’s I Want Some Red Roses for a Blue Lady. Mom has her own built in radio station. She told her doctor about it. He asked what kind of music she heard and she said, “Well, sometimes it is the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and sometimes it is Frank Sinatra.” She wasn’t kidding. He told her not to worry and to be glad she doesn’t need to wear earphones. I like that.


On Saturday I went out to Bill’s farm for the annual Machalek sausage making. I have so muchfun. Katie was off in Brownwood coaching a soccer tournament but the rest of the clan was present. Eric had shot a deer so he and Mike made a huge cauldron of chili in a barrel while the rest of the family and me, of course, put together links and patties….using pork butt roasts only.

This reminds me that I want to lure Erik into teaching me the local polka. Len and I simply do not dance well together but I love to dance and for that

IMG_0022.jpgmatter so does Len. Just not together. Len is a big fan of the Molly B Polka Party, which he watches every time it is on, could be nightly. I said something kinda raw about it and he told me Molly has an ‘exquisite’ voice. Really. I think he may be a roadie or at least he has a crush on her. He told me she is also a music teacher. Back to the Machaleks. Pam’s brother, Bill and his precious lady friend, Patsy are dancin’ demons. They can polka for hours and make it look like ballroom dancing. Len says Molly B will be in Granger, TX in May. I bet Len will want to go….I will ask Eric to go and teach me to polka like his Moma, Pam. I will use beer as my bait for Eric and for my sedative.

I am watching the series Weeds on TV. It is funnnnnnnny and irreverent and some would say it should be taken off the air. Obviously, I am enjoying it. At last, Downton Abbey is back. I watched it this past Sunday….at our book club last night we were all a flutter over it. Those Brits really know how to make mini series. Oh, and The Midwife.

I am still purging the house of as much of my objects de art as I can bundle up. Most items are going in the attic for storage until spring when I am having my own estate sale….Belinda doesn’t like the term…whatever I call it, I want the stuff sold and gone!

Nephew David asked Len to swear him in and pin on his bars at the West Point graduation this May. Len is so proud – he located his 2nd Lt. bars to use. We have already made our reservations to include a few extra days in NYC.

Stephanie is tired of Sarge’s Christmas Eve chowder party. This year they had 55 people. She is understandably over-taxed with the chores associated with it all. She has decided and informed him she is leaving for Christmas next year! He will continue the tradition without her. She will come to Texas…El Paso to see Lonnie and Salado for me. I think that is so spunky. Go Stephanie! That girl has guts.

New favorite food bingeing includes cranberry orange chutney with whipped cream cheese on English muffins. Also I have been a little bonkers making Meyer Lemon Cranberry muffins…using up the juice from the lemons commandeered from Mom’s tree. I am so manic. Perhaps I could get calorie weird next. Done.



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