Brainstorming or Die Denkrunde


I would like to write a book of short stories. Maybe more than one book since I have already chosen some excellent titles:  

·      The Life Cycle of a Social Butterfly: The Unauthorized Susan Krals Autobiography: I will write the truths of my life but deny that there is any truth to the book. I think that’s pretty funny. And kind of schizophrenic.

·      Born with a Silver Spoon in My Mouth: A hysterical collection of short stories tracing the lives of previous owners of an antique silver spoon purchased at a flea market—written by the female spoon! Ha.

·      Departure Points: A collection of short stories where people depart—relationships, friends moving away, life changing crises, etc. This will be a tear jerker.

·      Snapshots of Wisdom: A series of observations where wisdom makes fleeting appearances…I think it might be a mystery.

·      A Pitcher of Manhattans: A romantic novella—maybe a blouse ripper– about a chance relationship of two people at a liquor store.

This is sort of like writing a research paper, backwards. Like I used to write research papers. Write the paper, then do the outline. I have the titles now I can think about the actual stories!

All this literary thinking because this afternoon I went to the library for a book review of Gone Girl. This is the book I will discuss at our March book club…so I went to get ideas from Jennifer, the Young Adult librarian. It was very cool….I was the only one there so we had a great conversation. Oh, she gave me her notes. Hehehehe.



2 Responses to “Brainstorming or Die Denkrunde”

  1. Susan, may your mind ever be brimming with this wild creativity, even if it drives you to drink more…think of what is yet to be unleashed! I can’t wait!

  2. Lou Ann Weaks Says:

    You well know that I have always encouraged you to write, so keep it up! I love every word, and most of all your honesty in acknowledging your feelings. You entertain me from beginning to end. I am sorry that Nora Ephron is deceased, but am not sure she could stand the competition!!!!!!!!!!!

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