Sometimes I Just Feel Like I’m Running Out of Day Light

What this means to me….I don’t know how much time is left. I think I want a new definition for Daylight Savings Time. Like you can make daylight deposits. This is not a Gloomy Gus attitude but I think a realistic attitude.

So using that philosophy, I have been in the fast lane. I am doing so many fun things then wanting to write about them but hardly having the time because I am doing more fun things…what I am not doing is exercising or using self restraint when it comes to food or drink. I MUST thin down in the next 5 weeks because I am off to San Miguel! This very spur of the moment trip all started when I bought Barbara Kingsolver’s Flight Behavior. I bought it as an audio book and because it was so engaging I had to stay in the car as much as possible…15 CDs worth of audio!


Here’s the thing about this book. It is just full of memorable analogies that resonate like I might be standing next to Dublin’s 19 Bells. Then, too, it is about Monarchs which I have a special love for since I once found thousands in my back yard in Belton…another story if I haven’t already written it somewhere. Well, one thing led to another. I wrote Camie and asked if she had a contact, she did of course. So, I am off to San Miguel February 26th…and on the 28th Camie and I will go on an Audubon Eco Journey to the Rosario Monarch Butterfly Bisophere Reserve in Michoacan! It is a UNESCO World Heritage site. We will stay overnight—and it is possible we will be riding a horse to get up to the mountain.

This is all pretttttty exciting. Belinda called me Friday with a timely discovery: The Texas State Museum of History IMG_5248.jpg had an IMAX movie, The Flight of the Butterflies showing. So fast like a rabbit, I got there and was able to see it too. So, Flight Behavior, The Flight of the Butterflies, and poof, I’m on it. I am going and I couldn’t be more excited. I hope I can find the photo I took a few years ago in San Miguel. It is a tree covered with realistic paper Monarchs. What I didn’t know then is that Monarchs represent the souls of babies in Mexico! The butterflies are diminishing fast – I may become a zealot about this and I am sure I will be writing a lot about it all.

After the IMAX showing I went on to SAT to spend the night at Mom’s and go to the San Antonio’s Culinary Arts Institute, day-long cooking class—Gourmet Meals in Minutes. Well not exactly minutes. Belinda met me there and I will say I enjoyed that class so much. I love the location—Pearl Brewery grounds—and I may be the only person who will own up and proclaim proudly that I love Pearl Light on ice! Back to the story. The class was from 9 am -3:30.


Chef Katz divided us into 4 teams and we collectively cooked these dishes: Grilled chicken Caesar salad with homemade croutons, veal saltimbocca with fettuccine, sautéed Brussels sprouts with pancetta, tiramisu (I made this), black bean and avocado crostini, cream of mushroom soup, grilled lamb chops with white bean and rosemary ragout, bread pudding, mixed bean and grain salad with jerk pork kebabs, seared salmon with a Moroccan spice crust, broiled pineapple with coconut, chili roasted peanuts with dried cherries, curried apple and squash soup, Reuben sandwiches, roasted beet salad and key lime pie. I pigggggggged. And I fell in love with living down there. Len and I MIGHT rent a condo to see if we like it. MIGHT.   I just love classes. But here’s the truth. When Chef K was giving us our assignments and I realized I would be cooking not watching him cook, I was nervous. So what I am an old Home Ec teacher? It was like taking the GRE again. TEST ANXIETY. What if I flubbed it all up? But thank goodness it was a baking/dessert thing and not meat. I would flunk flat.

My new dryer is summoning me. He makes music….I think it may be Danny Boy at the end of the cycle. New world. My hearing aids also play music when the batteries are engaged. Haven’t recognized that tune yet.

Two more friends died last week. Maybe that has something to do with Daylight Savings.


2 Responses to “Sometimes I Just Feel Like I’m Running Out of Day Light”

  1. Fly on Madame Butterfly…You bring Day Light to the rest of us!!!!

  2. Lou Ann Weaks Says:

    Susan – I love Coors Lite on ice, so you are not quite as unique as you might have thought! I have had two acquaintances (as opposed to close friends) die this month – one 10 years younger than I and the other 20 years younger!! Speaking of feeling blessed for my many years!!!!!!!!!!

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