I am at Mom’s listening to the TV that is located on the other side of the house but the volume is set so Mom can hear it. Anyway, I heard for the gazillionth time someone signing the National Anthem badly. IF I were a vocalist and was ever asked to sing it, I would just pass. Here’s why: Whoever sings it gets ridiculed repeatedly for not singing it well. AND then there are those who try to sing it with their own personal interpretation…that usually isn’t successful either. I am glad I am not asked to sing the National Anthem.

Today I had lunch with one of my students from SWT aka Texas State University. Shannon was an excellent student, a perfectionist, intense, and deeply religious. For the life of me, I couldn’t tell you why she ‘took’ to me…but I am glad to have a fan. Twenty-three years later—we had a nice lunch reunion at Jody’s. She lives in Llano now with her husband and four children. She home schools…I admire her.

I have a few photos I want to put in—I don’t know that I will add anything about them…The horse cartoon is just plain hilarious. IMG_5328.JPG

I thought I would be better off without my SSRI medication…so with the approval of my primary care physician I started weaning off of it. Dr. L said if the weepiness started back I could just start taking it again. So I started the weaning process and the weepiness started right back. So, if it makes me feel vague, so be it. I’m not wasting time being weird.


Can’t remember…did I ever put this photo in of the pair of ancient green panty hose? I found them when I was cleaning out drawers. I think I might put them in a time capsule and bury it!


Len and I celebrated our 42nd wedding anniversary last night. I can’t even remember the last time we went out on a bar date—just the two of us…we went to Alexander’s Distillery—and it was fun! Len is an amazingly kind and good man. I don’t deserve him.

Let’s see….what is new? I’ve had lunch recently with Killeen Birthday Club. I just

IMG_5309.JPGwonder, do men really have friendships like women? I am prooooooud of my girl friends. All of them…and I think I have a lot…yes, I know the definition of real friends…but here is what it boils down to….women just understand each other so effortlessly. Best therapy in the world.

Tomorrow I may look at condos being built down on Broadway…I like the idea of living downtown, but I think it is more fantasy than a real desire.

I have to stop writing for tonight and read some more…Intercept by Dick Wolfe that Babs recommended….very suspenseful.

This is the greatest photo of Jo and Ernie. Jennifer posted it on Facebook…Jo’s been dead just a few weeks. I look at this picture and it is just like I will always remember her…1971…just a few years ago to me.



One Response to “Stuff”

  1. Lou Ann Weaks Says:

    The green panty hose really intrigue me. I want to be there (ha) when the time capsule is opened!!!!!!

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