More About What I Do for a Living…So to SpeakI

I am still at Mom’s. She is watching the Spurs and is quite happy. She says she can keep the volume low because she can see what is happening. Makes sense to me. There has been a lot of repeat story telling something relatively new. I think it is like Sally said, “It is her movie.” If she wants to do reruns, well so do I and I am 66.

Seems like every single time I am home she says something really funny…well, kinda funny. Yesterday I took her to the ‘beauty shop’ as she calls it. I got her in the shop and turned to leave. She couldn’t see me as she was sitting in her walker with her back to me. So she thought I was gone, I guess. She said to her gang of white haired ladies, “Susan had cancer, that’s why she looks like that!” Helllllllllo! What does that mean? Fat? Hair too short? Hard to know. Billy reminded me of other famous Momisms. Although she is known to be the consummate lady, she can still deliver some well-placed barbs.


I asked Len to take my picture with my blanket and pillow. Some things just don’t change. I just threw out my favorite down pillows that I probably have had for 20 years. Len said they had to go. He is the bed maker and the feathers were escaping. Since I had just purchased the most magnificent of all comfort blankets, I was willing to grow up and toss the pillows. All of this is because– years ago, I commissioned a Temple High student, Brian Floca, to draw a picture. Mom’s loves to tell how I had a blanket I carried around forever….how she would have to sneak it away from me to wash and dry on the line. I would have a fit and go sit by the clothes line and suck my thumb as I snuggled my blanket. So, I gave Brian a photo of me at the appropriate age and he drew in the props from the story. I gave this drawing to Mom for Christmas in 1986…we both really like it…hence the current photo of me with my blanket and pillow! Brian Floca grew up and is now a well-respected illustrator of children’s books.

I did look at some condos yesterday. I love to think about living downtown, kinda like Mary Tyler Moore. The

almshouses_bs_292.jpgproblems: Len and I couldn’t manage living that close to other people or each other and Diego would be evicted in a day. It sure makes a nice fantasy though and I have always said I never wanted two residences to maintain. AND this reminds me of another place I would like to live. In Chipping Campden, UK, where DSC01018.jpg I once rented a cottage for a month, there is a row of perfect almshouses. Here is a photo…they were built in the 1600s and to this day are occupied by pensioners. Cool. I love the way they look from the outside but inside I would need some major cash to fix up the kitchen and bath. These almshouses were right around the corner from my cottage. Ahhhh. That was a very good time and a superb memory.

Today was glorious. The weather was perfect and I spent much of the day at the San Antonio Museum of Art at the Mays Symposium program, ‘From the Opulent to the Mundane: Design and the Decorative Arts.’ I loved all the lecturers and the slides. I was just about purring with satisfaction. I learned that Lady Sarah Churchill had a tattoo of a tiny serpent on her arm. I learned that the purpose of ornamentation is display. I also learned the expression, “Neither use nor ornament.” I also just learned that the story about Lady Sarah’s tattoo is rubbish. No tattoo. Darn. The lecturer should check her facts. I took several of my artsy photos while I was there.

IMG_5359.jpgIMG_5357.JPG There was a big crowd…I wondered as I drove to the SAMA how the attendees would be dressed…I am pleased to say I saw only one pair of jeans…Most present were middle aged to older women with bouffant hair-dos wearing tailored slacks, silk scarves, and Farragamo shoes. Good-looking jewelry too…a lot of William Spratling silver. There were some very smart looking men too. Verrrry dapper and most of them sat together at lunch. I loved looking at one man who was wearing a pin stripped suit, French cuffed shirt, and bow tie. He was handsome in an effete, poetic way. I just love going to those kinds of events.

More on the SAMA. This past month there has been an I Love Aphrodite Exhibit…one of the special events was the Art of Aphrodisiacs Cooking Class! I wanted to go soooooooo much. This is how it was promoted. “Explore the myths and stories related to love, sex, and beauty in Aphrodite and the Gods of Love through the cooking class Art of Aphrodisiacs.” There was a woman at my lunch table who attended and she said it was awesome. Participants were divided into teams like the CIA class for hands-on cooking using ‘proven aphrodisiacs’ (pomegranates) and old world ingredients (herbs). I am smarting still that I missed this.   

These are the kinds of things I just love to do. Maybe a second residence isn’t such a bad thing. IMG_5368.JPG


2 Responses to “More About What I Do for a Living…So to SpeakI”

  1. Absolutely only moms could make a comment like that…mine did one like “I’ve always wondered what kind of people bought furniture like this” when she saw my living room for the first time…gotta laugh, as I know you did! Sally

  2. Lou Ann Weaks Says:

    What a delightful entry–all of them are but this one is special for two reasons – first your mom’s remark in the beauty shop is hysterical and, second, I love the story and picture of you and your “blankie.”

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