Lost and Found

I don’t know where this portion of my last entry went but luckily I had saved it all in Word.


This week was the ‘Birthday Club’ celebrating Bette’s birthday. Patsy and Carol Jean arranged for us to go to Painting with a Twist in Harker Heights. It was fun and Lolly’s painting was by far the best. I love her.

This was also the week for the Bell County 4H Fair…this was the first time to judge without Susan…we have done it for a few years together. But Kristi H. was a good partner. We judged the doll clothes, costumes, and senior dresses. I really like doing this.

I have had a week of eating with chums…Len and I had a fun dinner with J&J at the Roaring Fork on Sunday. They brought Len as I was coming back from SAT so he could drive my car home and I could have two tasty mango margaritas…did I write about this already? I am joining Weight Watchers AGAIN when I get home from Mexico. End of story. I have lost my pride and desire to pull it together…this will not last long.

My second oldest cousin died this past week. Danny, as I knew him, was my first heartthrob at age 10. I am glad his Dan.jpg suffering is over. I think we have gone way too far with medicine in some practice. But would I have the courage to say no to more chemo? I don’t know. Dan and Jan produced a beautiful family…from my vantage point, I would say perfect. They love(d) each other joyously and proudly. At the last minute Billy and I decided to go…we met in Houston. It was interesting to go ‘out’ with Billy even if it was to a funeral home. He opened doors for me! Bill and I are were outsiders in many ways but Mom at Justine's .JPGsc003aac8e.jpg

the Bumps made us feel welcome. It has been years since we were all together. Mom will be eager for all the news. She didn’t come. Lovingly, several adult cousins in their 70s told stories about Mom…and in each separate conversation, she was referred to as the ‘most beautiful woman in the world.’ Larry, the cousin who made it to the top from oil field worker to CEO of Wilbros told a wonderful story about meeting another Okie while in Iran some years ago. The fellow had also gone to school in Shidler, OK, but wasa few years behind Mom….when he was talking to Larry and some others out in the field (?) he asked Larry about Mom…he told the group she was the most beautiful woman he had ever known. Isn’t that lovely? I can hardly wait to talk to her about it. She will just dismiss it, but she will like it a lot. Who wouldn’t? The thing about Mom is that although she was/is beautiful in appearance, she is more beautiful in spirit. I know I have used these photos before but they make me smile and proud.

Billy and I went back to Jan and Dan’s house after the visitation and then on back to the hotel to the bar…we had a couple of glasses of wine then back to our rooms. I watched 4 episodes of Law and Order back to back…just couldn’t settle my thoughts.

This morning Bill and I had breakfast then parted ways…I went to the Museum of Fine Arts to the gift shop…bought prado.jpg no earrings, but a necklace, puzzle, and a key ring. I was going to leave but I felt guilty so I went to the Masterpieces from the Prado. The exhibit didn’t knock my socks off but I did learn about the term ‘gente de placer.’ It means ‘people of mirth and entertainment’ and usually referred to dwarfs and individuals portrayed as buffoons by the court. NOT nice. Apparently, this was all about those who had the power and those who didn’t. Jesters and sideshow material before we had some kind of social conscience, I guess.

This week the highly anticipated dog run was delivered. Brother Bill calls it the Chateau Chienchien. Len has been priming the pump for this acquisition for 2-3 months. I didn’t want it; he did. Well, it is here and not as hideous as expected. Cee says it will also be good for bears and lions. Len is happy and Diego is the luckiest rescue dog. We cannot move until Diego dies, which better not be soon. Len told me that it was a ‘piece of cake’ to put together….brevity code for just the opposite….well. It took Len, Andrew, and Troy (two strappin’ twenty year-olds) about 4 hours to put it together after removing 710 pounds of parts from the 18-wheeler with the lad’s forklift. An added expense, of course. So, now it is all set up. It is in the shape of an octagon, sort of. It has a canvas, camouflaged print roof, partial flooring, and a swivel feeding station. The hot tub will be installed later, I imagine. Len’s strategy, which is sweet, is to sit in the run with Diego until Diego gets comfortable. I readily agreed and bought a good sized padlock so they could’t escape!   This run is only to be used while we are away for a couple of hours….Diego chases our cars when we leave and we might lose him. Len loves Diego. I love Diego.

IMG_5387.JPGIMG_5390.JPG IMG_5414.JPG


One Response to “Lost and Found”

  1. Lou Ann Weaks Says:

    Lovely pictures of Lee and even if I did not know her so well, I would still be able to sense her internal beauty–which, as we know, , is as great as her enornously external beauty. Lucky Diego. he had better never die because Heaven will be a stepdown from his present life!!!!!

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