Pre-Writing Excercise


I have been home about 28 hours and I have done nothing but lunch out with Birthday Club, get tooth glued back, turn in cleaning, buy a truck load of Hylunia facial cleansing lotion, fill up car, and purchase papayas, mangos, and creme de tequila.

So this is a verrrrry quick draft of my table of contents

  1. Mexico lodging with Leslie and the Sapranos
  2. Interview with Met Opera Tenor
  3. Monarch tour
  4. The implant (tooth)
  5. Camie, Larry, Marilyn, and Jerry
  6. Acne
  7. Costume purchases
  8. Earring Rehab
  9. Horses and Lessons about Horses
  10. Ride to airport with new friend
  11. Eyelids: Is it Hypothyroidism, Periorbiytal cellulitis, Nephrotic syndrome, Trichinoisis, allergies, or Blepharitis?
  12. Timmy Land & concert
  13. House Sitting/Rental in September
  14. Immigration Dog Efficiency
  15. Bell County Garage Sale
  16. Home Sweet Home
  17. What’s Next?


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