Part II México 2013


On Saturday afternoon Camie and I went to a concert fundraiser for Casita Linda on the grounds of Ranchito Cascabel aka Timmy Land. First things first. Casita Linda is a charity that builds one room, adobe casitas for poverty stricken families. It is a noble cause. Now about Timmy Land: This home belongs to Tim Sullivan from San Antonio, TX and is inspired by the architecture of Antoni Gaudi of Barcelona. Jumpin’ Jenny. No words to express the degree of peculiarity so I will just include a lot of photos of the house and some of the ‘yard art!’ My favorite parts of the event: Bill Bourne, one of the 6,012 Canadians who sings like Woodie Guthrie, Bob Dalyn, or Johnnie Cash; the food truck that served jambalaya; and watching old hippies bob their heads to the beat of the music. In terms of head bobbing, the group in mass appeared to have neurological issues. It was sooooooo much fun.IMG_5695.JPGIMG_5705.JPG  IMG_5701.JPG IMG_5692.jpg

Yikes, I have written four pages and I haven’t covered IMG_5709.JPG costumes/earrings, acne, puffy eyelids, immigration dog, house rental, or home sweet home. It is late and I want to get the text complete tonight. In a nutshell. I bought weird clothes even weird to me; I had teenaged acne related to fear of horses; altitude, and death; my eyelids were puffy like little sausages; and when I landed at DFW the immigration beagle alerted on my purse—a big orange brought me down. I had to stand in another loooooong line and be frisked and x-rayed to prove it was just the orange and not any drugs or uncooked meat. I kept saying, “Meat? Really?” I did like the Arranchera at Hecho in México but not enough to bring a slab of raw meat back.IMG_5696.jpg

Can I sing, “Will I See You in September?” Leslie introduced me to a friend of hers at the Saturday Organic Market where I saw Fred and Ron. Anyway, later Leslie said, that Diane had a house to rent/housesit available in September. The catch is the house isn’t even finished but according to Diane it will be by April. Leslie gave Diane a call–we met her at the building site on Aldama a block from Parque Juarez–just around the corner from Peter C’s house. Long story, shortened: She offered to let me have this house for September if I will take care of Jake (another street dog who moved up) must be Hector’s first cousin. I just mailed in my deposit! This is what the house looks like now…it is in a gated IMG_5733.jpg community 24/7.IMG_5729.JPG IMG_5716.JPG


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