San Antonio, Festival Hill’s Herbal Forum & Belinda’s

I am sitting here in our bedroom looking out at the profusion of green leaves. IMG_5817.JPGSpring is inIMG_5855.JPG

IMG_5854.jpgthe air except now we are having a cold snap-and a freeze tonight. I have two new Zen-ish CDs playing so I am feeling pretty darn mellow—until Diego decides he can’t be trusted…he is at my feet momentarily sweet then in a fit of destruction. I am hoping the Zen music will soothe he ravaged spirit. He just walked himself into his crate and is napping. IMG_5508.JPG

It is really nice to be home for awhile. Just a few days after México I went to San Antonio to see Mom. If I have said before she is deaf, now she is about 98% deaf. For her to know what I am talking about the first thing I do is write the topic on her dry erase board…then proceed to yell. It must be hideous, hideous, hideous for her. You just can’t have a conversation—then the extreme guilt for being there but not talking. I just can’t stand it. I remember an old friend telling me that her greatest regret was that as close as she was to her father—as he grew older the inability to talk to him. That’s it. I should be there more and I should figure this out. I think I will copy part of this entry into another word document and send it to her as a letter. Just something to help break the monotony.


Billy reins supreme for solving the ID issue. In Texas to buy a car you have to have a current drivers license. This is where the trouble started. Mother’s license had expired and of course she doesn’t drive. The tale is so frustrating even in the retelling. She couldn’t even get a government sponsored picture ID unless she had a current passport and a birth certificate. Did I write about this already? For some reason….I think it was because she lived so far out on the prairie—she only had a baptismal record. I can’t write another word about this, it was so daunting. I tried here in Bell County but Billy finally got someone in Bexar county to be willing to overlook their short-sighted policy. With her honorable discharge papers, deed to the house, social security card, paid utility bills, and expired photos they (DPS) agreed to give her a photo ID. Then they even came to her house to take the photo!!!! Billy is so good these days.

I was home a day then zipped off to Round Top for the Herb Festival at Festival Hill. That placeIMG_5876.JPG is so awesome. I have to take Foy there next year…it is so Gothic and spiffy. I know he will love it. I registered for two workshops on Friday: 1. Canning and Preserving Fruits and Vegetables and 2. Making French Beaded Lavender.

IMG_5873.jpgI have been canning pickled beets for some time, so I really didn’t expect to learn much….but of course, I did get lots of tips that I really want to use. That’s what happens when I get full of myself—being silly never gets you far. The French Beading was very interesting and I love beading but when it comes to manipulating the wires after beading—well my intentional tremors just knock me out of the game. And, for the record, I really think I am headed towards Parkinson’s…noticing occasional head nodding. Oh, God how I hate all this. Back to beading. There was an occupational therapist sitting across from me and she had some great tips for hand tremors: wear a magnet bracelet and put a dry erase board under my wrist when playing Mah Jongg or a bean bag. Will try both. And something else that I can’t recall.

I drove to Belinda’s just in time for us to head over to their nephew’s new ‘barnomenium’ for a Pustka fish fry! A VERY enormous and well-outfitted barn. Belinda said that this was hardly the entire family…but it was great. There were 4 brothers and two sisters with children and grandchildren and James’ Mom. The little tykes had unlimited opportunity to scoot around on hot wheels, mark the floor with chalk, etc. Oh, I can’t forget two of the best behaved Labs that never once stepped paw onto barn floor and allowed themselves to be teased and rode. It was good to put faces with names of the Pustkas. It was reality TV and I loved it. MOST significant—James fried up the BEST oysters, trout, catfish, and shrimp. I ate well and came away with a slab of poppy seed cake to go!

Belinda and I went back to her house for our after-action review and a few servings of prosecco. Next morning, at the crack of dawn, back to the Herbal Forum at top speed. Once inside the ornate auditorium, we discovered just how boring a power point presentation on the History and Uses of the Elder can be. We also observed just how herb humor is confined to the enthusiasts…so we went to Belinda’s car and spent an hour making out shore excursion reservations. I say our but it turned out that I was the only one who got the reservations. Belinda basically did all this work for me. Of course, since I am so needy, it was great to be well cared for.

We had a nice herby lunch then we split to shop in Round Top. Belinda found cute clothes but I only found a birdhouse! Must be losing my touch. I had an exceptional time and look forward to next year—Celebrating Artemisia.

Now back home and loving the time to downshift. I have two quotes I really like…learned from Lou Ann’s granddaughter, Heather and another from Ann. Heather Mitt, is retiring from soccer and going on to be a commentator. She is absolutely beautiful…anyway she wrote this about her retirement. “Don’t cry because it’s over, but smile because it happened.” I like it because it has so many applications…then the one Ann sent me from Sue Scott—“Context determines the manner in which we experience content.”

Finis. No time to edit.


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