Mulling Over Everything in the World: AKA My Twitchin’ Brain

I am sitting out here on our new rock patio listening to lovely serene music for meditation. The weather is 100% perfect. I am fulfilling my goal to catch up in my journal but then I start writing and then go off bird walking.


Camie and Larry left yesterday morning to head back to México…Len and I IMG_6032.JPG looooooved their visit—they are darn easy guests. We did a spontaneous soiree—Barbara and Gordon, Jackie and John, and Belinda and Susan—I couldn’t get hold of Foy and figured Sally and David wouldn’t want to trek down for fried chicken even if it did include Camie and Larry! Len and Larry went off to Ft. Hood and Killeen and in the process sold Larry’s car via John’s brother. Camie and I slept in since it was a wonderful rainy day then took a little jaunt to ‘downtown’ Salado, where I showed her St. images-1.jpgJoseph’s Episcopal high Church in a shed and the Salado Sculpture Garden. Later we went out for appetizers and drinks at Alexander’s Distillery. More prosseco when we came home. Len took them back to San Antonio and dropped them off at an airport hotel—today I think they are in México City. Larry introduced me to AirTran airlines—realllllly reasonable from San Antonio to México City is only $150.00 one way…..I might consider this for September. The tricky part for me is making it to the right terminal for the super duper bus trip to Queretaro….then a shuttle on to San Miguel. I really want to try the bus but I will have two bags I am sure and I would have to pay for them rather than free through American. I will figure it out.

And while I am thinking about September…Diane will be moving into the house in about a week. She is sending me photos of the progress but it is hard for me to think it will be finished by then.

I had lunch with Foy a few weeks ago and all was well but now that I can’t get him to answer his phone I am little worried. I will have to hunt him down. His Spring Brunch is next Saturday so he may be in the throws of washing china cups and saucers.

Diego has been helping me use the computer….He was such a good dog at the soiree the other night but then he becomes possessed and has to be incarcerated. IMG_6043.jpg

At this very moment I am deliriously happy. I want to stay quiet for a few days and try to find some balance. After I do this entry I may have to head back out to the garden for sweet baby carrots and pull some onions for onion soup too. I have an enormous, huge, gigantic, bumper crop of beets. I can’t possibly pickle all of these.

Today I went over to see two Salado houses on the Central Texas Parade of Homes. One in particular has great cabinets I may want to copy AND it even has some granite I really like but I am afraid it will still be too dominant. Collins will be getting us the numbers soon and then it will be time to make final choices and to try to live with the construction! All the appliances are selected and Monday I will pay up!

What’s my status like they say on Facebook? Well, I am tired of the wretched state of the world. The Boston Marathon terrorist attack and the West, TX fertilizer explosion have had so much drama and sadness. I fear not just for our nation but for our planet.

Here’s something for me to mull over:

“While you are in the youth of old age, acknowledge that some of these losses are waiting for you just beyond the horizon. Anticipating them as a natural part of life can help you gracefully embrace them. Wisely do not take for granted those physical gifts you now enjoy, and daily get drunk on intoxicating gratitude. Inebriated on the Spirit, you will better see another vision, one wherein the mystic Jesuit Pierre Teilhard de Chardin says the loss of bodily and mental abilities in old age is but the creator carving out large cavities in us so to fill them up with God. Instead of begrudgingly enduring your aging physical or mental decline, see it with the eyes of God as an act of divine love. Your Beloved’s all-encompassing love for you from the beginning has nothing to do with your possessing a youthfully appealing body or the intellect of a scholar. You have been and are now unconditionally loved, even with a wrinkled, perhaps even incontinent body and a sometimes forgetful mind.” This is from Turning old age’s Prison into a time of forgiveness and gratitude in the National Catholic Reporter. I’m not very good about reading then implementing live changes but it is a thought. The descriptive writing is appealing although it is also pretty dark.


I wish we could have gone to David’s Tattoo. I think his graduation is going to be a nightmare. Too many people, too little parking, too much tension.


Nearly every Tuesday and Thursday as I drive to the chemo center, I think, “I need to quit this. I am tired. I am retired.” Then I get there and I am turned around 360 degrees. I love every minute I am there. This is where I get my value.

About Len and lawn mowers. Len doesn’t mind mowing at all but he has none of his Dad’s machinery virtue. Leo loved his machines and I would not have been surprised if he waxed and buffed them. Not so with Len. He believes mowers are disposable. He factors in gas to repair shop, inconvenience of having a broken mower, cost of images.jpgIMG_6009.JPGrepairs, etc. Our property will be like Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo only it will be called Mower Ranch.   


2 Responses to “Mulling Over Everything in the World: AKA My Twitchin’ Brain”

  1. I love this post, Susan, and feel like I’m missing out on too much of the quality of life as you live it…I love the old folks quote too, and the importance of paying attention every day, and being grateful. Hard to embrace the idea that loss is just making space for more of God, but I do like the notion of it. You’re the best for sharing all this good stuff! Sally

  2. Lou Ann Weaks Says:

    Susan – I loooooove the quotation from the mystic Jesuit!!!! What happens at a tatoo??????

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