Dear Mom!

Dear Mom,

I miss you sorely today. I want to call you but we know that won’t work. I can’t imagine how you bear not being able to hear. I know I will have that too and it makes me nuts, mad, and sad. You are so brave and loving. I never hear a word of complaint from you. And Billy is a marvelous caretaker….go figure! Ok, well we will just move on since as Carol told me once, “It is what it is.” Yep.

You are right about time going by FAST. I remember thinking how far David’s graduation was…now it is in just a week. We have our house sitter lined up for IMG_6233.JPG Mickey and Diego care—we will go to Austin Thursday night since our flight leaves at 6:00 AM Friday. I am hoping all goes well and that there is no drama from anyone! I will take lots of photos with or without drama.

I have loved the cool spring weather but it seems that is another year away. It will be in the 90s from now on till we hit the triple digits. I still have beets left over but I am completely finished with canning for this year. There are tons of onions that I will pull when the green tops fall over…that is the harvesting signal. The potatoes look healthy and carrots too. I have eaten so many carrots that I will probably get an orange glow to my skin! Maybe even develop superlative night vision.

Max’s macular degeneration surgery went well he thinks. He wants to come Monday and spray the wicked weeds—I hope Kathy will let him come but not too soon to cause him any set backs. There are a few pears and lots of little figs that I hope we don’t lose to the birds and squirrels. They are way too well fed.


The week has been crazzzzzy. IMG_6237.jpg The kitchen demolition started Monday. They painter came in and painted over the wall paper while I was at Scott and White ‘working’…I freaked out when Len told me via texting on the iPhone…so I texted Collins…that is Katie’s husband and our contractor. He called and pulled the painter off the job. It took twice as long as it should to remove the paper after that blunder. Meanwhile, the tile was removed and the new door to Len’s den was framed. We have all the fu-fu stuff sitting all over the house—. This is just the beginning. They will take out the island this week, I hope so that is more stuff to stash. When they paint the pantry, I may go check into a hotel!

To add to the excitement of kitchen demo, I was selected for jury dutyIMG_6202.jpg —a criminal case involving a terrorist threat. I just knew I would get excused when I responded to the question would I give the maximum penalty if the defendant was found guilty. I said, “Absolutely!” Damn, I was the first one picked! It was two days long and it was interesting in this way: The definition of ‘terrorist threat’ isn’t what I thought. It does not involve bombs or foreign actions. Instead it means when a person says something that causes fear of severe bodily injury and imminently. This guy threatened his sister that he was going to kill her if she called 911…he already had a warrant for shooting his brother in Illinois—and imagine this—the quarrel was all about washing detergent! There are some real crazies out there. We convicted him and gave him 270 days on top of what he had served…justice is expensive. I wish we still had chain gangs here.   

Len and I went to a Relay for Life Survivors dinner Thursday night. It wasn’t what I expected at all. Frankly I was already thinking how I wouldn’t ever go to another one…as it turned out it was very moving. There were a number of our current chemo patients there who were very affirming to me. That feels good. But moreover, to see the range of survivors from 45 years to 7 of us who are newbies. It was all about hope.

Interesting new dreams where every episode is some trivial event from childhood or young adulthood. Whatever the event, the emotions were crystal clear. I felt them fully just like when you dream you are laughing or crying. Just total emotional review. Sort of fun.

Last time I was in SAT, Mother’s Day, I met up with Belinda and we checked out two properties she might want for her new job. One in particular, the Broadway, is right by Central Market….Oh I hope like crazy she takes that. It is so spiffy. I want to live there too.

Patt & Susan  1970.bmp I have been trying to contact my old roommate Patt from college days. I talked to her about 8 months ago…she said she was having issues with her memory and during the conversation, Jake had to get on the phone to help her out with words. Now when I call the phone numbers I have used before it gives me a different family. I am worried about Patt and hope I can find her. I do know that our other roommate, Barbara, will probably know where she is. This means a trip to Fredericksburg to find Barbara.

Tomorrow is the Open House for the newly renovated Salado Library. IMG_6224.JPG I stopped by today to get a preview and take a few photos before the masses get IMG_6228.jpg in there. It is double the size of the previous structure and still has the nice homey feel to it. All those years on the Board and it finally happened. The landscaping looks very nice and appropriate to the building–spearheaded by Becky and her Master Naturalist cohorts. Oh, and speaking of Becky, she is keeping me posted on the Spurs. I hope they ‘kick butt’ and continue to win. Did you read or hear what the NY Times said about the Spurs? Just exactly what you would expect from Yankees! Here is what the paper said, “Say it again: they are too bland. Say it again: they are too old. Say it again: they are once again the favorites in the West. The San Antonio Spurs rode their championship brand of smooth and steady to a clinching 94-82 victory over the plucky but overmatched Golden State Warriors in Game 6 of the N.B.A.” Humph. We love our Spurs!

Ok, Mom, that’s the news from here. I will add some photos for you to enjoy. I love you, love you, love you!



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