Here’s the Thing……..


Camie tells me that I often start a sentence with the expression, “Here’s the thing….” I don’t know where that came from or even what it means. I think maybe Monk, the television, OCD detective said it a lot. I don’t know, but here’s the thing for right now:

perro ladrando.jpg

Diego recently learned to bark and he likes it. I can’t say that it bothers us it is just new.

haugub.jpgDiego practiced his newly acquired barking talent on a snake….this is good. He also barked at a skunk, which was not good. If it wasn’t a snake then he found something foul and decomposing to roll over. Len said he could not smell it….I slept in the guest bedroom for two nights and left Len and Diego to the other side of the house. It wasn’t hideous but it was notable. So before we could go to NY, Diego had to have a shower, shampoo, and a set!

I told Jeannie that the house was a disaster because of the remodeling….she said that would be ok….well, more on that in the next entry. We had to take out all the china, crystal, dainty dishes, baskets, decanters, lanterns, figurines, paintings, etc out of harm’s way….We put it all in the living room, in my den, and in all kinds of cabinet drawers, armoires, etc. I know this. We own too much stuff

Scott and White Oncology is developing a class called Cancer 101. The idea is for all patients to take this 45 minute class right after the diagnosis but before the treatment. The charge nurse asked me if I would attend the preview and give feedback—also could I find a few more people who would have an opinion – so Penny and Joann both agreed to come. I think we gave them a lot of ideas and affirmations too.

I am hiring a professional clothes planner to clear out this mess of clothes I keep. I am especially keen on this idea. I am also very keen on getting my belly cut off.


Len and I went to our dance lesson after missing 2 weeks. We haven’t practiced one time….I think our teacher was a little miffed. I don’t know if we ever will practice unless we go out to some honky tonk. That’s not a bad plan actually.

This week I trained another new volunteer….there was some concern because he is the retired director of a very big non-profit….but I think he is willing to be a menial worker rather than a big dog.

This is the very worst possible time to go on a trip and if it were not David’s graduation, I think we would bail out. Collins assures us all will be well but I just can’t imagine how Jeannie will cope with the remodeling. I can’t think of it.

Maybe we will have a decent time since neither of us really want to go at this time. West Point just doesn’t consult us about when they should plan graduation! Billy and Mary’s divorce plans have cast a pall over everything….lots of talking that reeks of drama to me. I keep saying this is all about David but I don’t know if B or M will be able to be civil to each other. I think my single role in this is to keep things upbeat. David insists that no other family comes up for graduation. So unlike Justin’s graduation, it will just be Len and me, Mary, and Bill. I don’t know if there will be any surprise family attendees. This is about David….if I say it enough maybe it will all work nicely. Mom will expect me to be vigilant. Hmmmm. Then there is David. He is very undemonstrative. So I haven’t a clue what he thinks about anything. He is fond of Len but I really don’t think he is too keen on me. Such is life. AND I am not being paranoid — even Len agrees and it is OK. Sometimes he reminds me so much of Daddy….one really odd duck. I think he is just David and that works too.

I tried on three ‘formal’ looking outfits, as Mom calls them. I sent photos to Edward, hair and dress aficionado and Jackie too. Edward had definite opinions. So I am going with velvet and lots of sparkly bracelets and NO LONG EARRINGS…this may be hard for me…but that velvet, I hope I don’t roast…..Off to bed we leave at dawn.


One Response to “Here’s the Thing……..”

  1. Lou Ann Weaks Says:

    Surely, this can’t be “Baby David” who is graduating from West Poin t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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