Never Again

I usually say, “Never say never.” However, I am 110% sure Len and I will move before we will remodel again. And certainly we don’t want to be in a house that is being remodeled. It is madness. We came back from our trip to NY to find the house completely, and I mean completely, draped with plastic sheeting. I don’t know how Jeannie, made it through the week. It is just awful, awful, awful. Collins came this morning with the painter to discuss paint again. We are doing something wrong…our communication skills have evaporated—something. While we were gone the only thing I can tell that happened was the dry wall for the door to Len’s den and the ceilings retextured. One of the big surprises: The painter covered the Subzero refrigerator with sheeting which caused the air compressor to work improperly…either that or just lousy timing for the refrigerator to malfunction…so we had to throw out a lot of food….it was probably a good thing but not at this point. Grrrrrrrrr!

To add to the difficulty, Diego sprained his leg doing who knows what. Jeannie was such a trooper—she called to let us know that she was at the vet with him…so he was on pain pills and incarcerated in his chateau so he wouldn’t run around. She earned her fee! She may not want to do this again.

So, about the trip I was dreading. We had a great time. Literally, nothing but good times. It is good to have low expectations sometimes. We zipped up to West Point from LaGuardia if you can call traffic in NY zippable. We changed into our dressy duds and headed to the post with Brother Bill in tow. We met David and Mary at the banquet. Some observations in general. Because Bill and Mary are in the throws of divorcing it was easy to imagine it all going down hill. I am not going to write much about the divorce situation. It reminds me of what my Aunt Myrtle said to me when we saw her after Mom and Dad’s divorce. She said something to this effect, “I don’t know what happened between your Mom and Dad but I love them both.” So this is it. At one point Mary wanted to talk about the situation but I just said that I thought this might be the best for both of them. I think David has difficulty with Mary. I don’t know. Family stuff is so complicated. I know we did our part to make her feel welcome and she even said that to Bill. David is a study in deep waters. I don’t know what he makes of a situation. He isn’t very social—or at least not with us but I do think he cares about us in an abstract kind of way. Oh well. It is what it is. We went and we did our part to make it festive…maybe my only claim to fame. The banquet was very traditional of course and it was delightful to see it all. I took Edward’s IMG_6319.JPG fashion advice and felt spiffy with all my bling on one arm. It was freeeeeezzzzing and

IMG_6397.JPGwet. There was a plan to move the graduation ceremony indoors and that would reduce the number of people who could go. As it turned out it rained really hard so I stayed put in the car and slept…No one was the wiser…and Billy had encouraged it. Len went and got some fantastic photos of David. We moved the car again and met all at the Officers Club where San Antonio parents had catered a buffet…. a great idea. Otherwise we would have been prowling around the post looking for grub and there were thousands of cars and people in such a small area. We went over to the Cadet Mess Hall were we waited David’s turn to be given the Oath of Office. Len read the promotion orders and gave David his 45 year-old 2nd Lt bars…I think David liked that. It was a very nice ceremony and David did a nice job of making remarks. About 10 of his buddies showed up and that was nice for David too.





A little packing. So this time I almost had it all right. Granted I did not wear a lot of the summer clothes but I had them just in case the weather forecast was incorrect. We did end up going to Walmart at 11:00 pm to buy sweatshirts and socks but that’s not bad…we were there with dozens of other West Point party goers buying fleece.

So Saturday afternoon Len and I drove back to NYC and began our mini vacation. We had a super time. It all just clicked. Len turned the car in so we used public and private transportation. We arranged for a driving service to take us to the Eugene O’Neil Theater for The Book of Mormon. It was outrageous, hilarious, and quick moving. Lots of talent—and the Mormons are bound to be furious. There was a full page advertisement in the program from CLDS promoting Book of Mormon. Our seats were so bad they were good…Last row in the balcony next to the light studio!


On Memorial Day we were super patriots—we did a harbor tour to see the skyline, Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, etc. Then we at hot dogs before going to Ground Zero. It was so moving and a perfect way to spend Memorial Day. All our meals were great too. It was just plain fun. The last day we went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art—it poured and was nasty all day. Undaunted, we took the subway to Little Italy and China Town.









Recently Edward and I were talking cheap jewelry and he sent me to Burlington Coat Factory which was a bummer except I did get to teach a woman with cancer how to tie a scarf around her head…so I went on to SteinMart then Sam Moon. Each place was better than the last…So I told Edward about Sam Moon’s and he said the funniest thing…that he thought the place was just plain scary…See, this is why I like it. It is just like China Town and yes; I

images.jpg love everything about Oriental stuff. My early childhood was spent in Okinawa and maybe this is where that appreciation was created. I love blue and white rice bowls, Buda statues, bright silks, Japanese Lucky Cat figurines, Poky candy, Geisha Dolls, ginseng teas, etc.!

I think part of the reason we had such a good time is that we knew we couldn’t see all that much so we just took our time…Len was great about not pressing for a 6:00 am departure each day and when he did say to get up, I jumped up! No whining.


I am not just enamored with cities…and NYC has not been in my top 10 places to visit. This IMG_6442.JPG time I did not feel swallowed whole like I have before. It was easy and pleasant. The subway was easy probably because of the holiday…Not so many people that you felt violated…but here it is. Germs. I am not a microphobe like Mom or Stephanie…but I will say I nearly boiled my hands at every opportunity. I walk like an old crone down stairs so I was a hindrance to those behind me getting to the trains. We walked for miles and that felt good for the first ¼ mile…We both liked walking through the neighborhoods in Queens.

Yes, it was a great trip. David is launched and headed to Ft. Sill. Billy and Mary are back in SAT trying to find their way. Mom is eager for photos…I think I will send her this entry….and Len and I are back at the casa wondering if the Hampton Inn at LaGuardia might be more comfortable until this remodeling is over! Len is so happy to be back with Mighty Mutt, Diego. Life is good.


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  1. What a whirl-wind. I loved reading about it. But could not have kept up. Hampton Inn…but only if Diego can be there too.

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