Part II: That Which Was Cut Off Somehow!


Today I drank TWO Icees…a Dr. Pepper and Coke (130 calories for a medium). Mango Lite Icee has 165 caloriesand Mango Free 0 calories!) Icees are my new most favorite non-alcoholic beverages…replacing McDonald’s Caramel Frappe (550 calories.) So Icees are really diet drinks. I also love Brigadier gelato…Brazilian caramel and chocolate concoction with about 2,000 calories but low in fat!

I just saw Len and Diego whiizzzzing by in the golf cart…something must be going on in the pasture. They just came back….Len says he is trying to stay awake…it is 7:09 pm. This isn’t a good sign.

I love travel catalogs. Magellan’s, Travel Smith, Johnny Jet, etc. I can spend hours pouring over each page, dog earring page after page. I also love travel accouterments. Bag tags; bottle barriers for wine; luggage in a variety of sizes, colors, and materials; tiny make up containers; travel blankets; sleep masks; individual packs of Woolite; shampoo; moleskin; ear plugs; on and on. And the best: miniature tins of Vicks Salve. I also love searching for the perfect travel shoe that doesn’t look like Miss Marple-wear. Foot Smart catalog works for that.

In light of all the traveling I’ve done this year, I’ve noted big changes–clothes, security, carry-ons, who gets on first, ticketing, checking in, luggage types, etc. I reminded Len of the time I was into mixing up handmade hand cream…I made a gallon jar for Cee and her Mom…I put it in my carry on for the flight where it promptly expanded completely out of the jar into my carry on and the floor! I would be arrested for that now. AND Cee and her Mom would have been polite about the hand cream but probably not really wanting it! Like the time I made a Jordan almond pie that nearly broke everyone’s teeth and also the time I made sesame cookies that only Jim ate! Funny times.


Today MCEC honored me for the 2nd year as their Relay for Life Survivor. It is very moving and I am very proud to be a part of the event.

It is supposed to rain again this evening…we are still in the wide swath of evening tornado watches. What I do like after the rain or even a big thunderstorm is the sound of morning…. nothing but the occasional Mourning Dove lamenting her wet feathers and the abandoned rain drop soldiers falling from leaves.

I don’t need extra hours in a day. I need extra days in a week.


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