Catching Up. My Life is Discombobulated.

Actually I am holding up pretty well considering everything I own is someplace different than it has ever been before and covered in dust in a room that has probably been painted a color I have never seen before. Fernando might be a great painter but I do think he has spent too much time whiffing paint fumes. We talk. We discuss. We look at paint samples. The next time I see him he shows me samples of colors I have never seen in my life. We leave for the cruise on July 1 and I have little confidence in the project being finished. I am nervous and discombobulated.

Currently I am in the wonderful Salado Library—The expansion is great. Today is Monday and one of the Children’s Reading days. So it is a little boisterous but happily they are on the other side of the building. I am here waiting to have lunch with Nina and if I were at home I would have to be sequestered in my bedroom.

IMG_6619.JPG IMG_6622.jpgTo catch up. Susan and Bill have been here for a few days of farm maintenance…sadly I didn’t get to have them stay at the house except to come see the conditions. We did get to play MJ, have lunch and a happy hour visit. I love this photo of Len and Susan’s feet during the tan competition…they were the only two participants and it was a tie for best foot tan.IMG_6593.JPG

Len and I took Diego over to Joan and John V’s ranch to see if it might be a good placeIMG_6578.jpgIMG_6609.JPG for Diego to board during our cruise. Very poor sentence. Anyway, he and their Bella hit it off well. It looks like he has been accepted for the duration. While we were there, their parrot took a snip towards D’s nose. They have goats, chickens, cats, a lab, and the parrot. I hope Diego is good and doesn’t disgrace us and/or we have to replace livestock and home furnishings. Len continues to think Diego is very smart and maybe he is–he does so well with potatoes that maybe we should “train” him to dig truffles.

OK, so Ginger and Fred we aren’t. I think Len is a so-so dancer and he thinks the same of me. In reality, both of us must be pitiful at best. Our teacher indicated we will abandon the turn on the two-step and go to the a 3 step waltz. Tomorrow is the 4/5 lessons and the two step is usually a one day class. You can see that he is frustrated and annoyed! It is almost funny I think. It has been a nice diversion. I might mention, I dance very well with the teacher! Hmmmmm, what does that say? The adventure at Bo’s barn last weekend was really funny. Len and I can only dance in one direction…it gets pretty boring–it is like we are on a carousel! No Dancing with the Stars for us! BUT, Len has been a great sport about this and that is all that matters.


Oh misery, the Cancer Fitness Research class is over and I am sad. We had a great time and it was good for me. So today I will go to the local Salado gym and sign up for a month. I have lost about 5 pounds but need to shed 5 more. My body is just a different shape than it used to be.

Max has been back a couple of times and plans to be back full-throttle once he is cleared. Meanwhile I dig potatoes. I find a couple then Diego takes over…he finds more. He is a beast of burden. We have had a healthy amount of rain so everything looks good and green—the farmer’s corn is beautiful for the first time in a few years. Hopefully it will be a better summer.


I HAVE to get out the sewing machine and repair two things…that’s it. But where will I do it? If I don’t do it I will feel burdened and nonproductive. Kathy J had this on her Facebook that is funny considering all…1949 Sewing Manual advice.

I am scheduling the house in Mexico…September seems far away but it will be here before I know it. It is all about the Spiral of Death! Meaning as we get older things happen fast and toward the end things realllllly happen fast. OK, so Len comes the first week, Jackie and Barbara are coming 11-18th, and I hope Sally can come sometime too! I might even invite Foy!


SatuIMG_6656.jpgrday I went to my third Women in the Outdoors….I got up really late so I only attended the afternoon sessions—First Aid for Pets and First Aid in the Field…both classes were outstanding. I now know how to give Diego and Mickey complete physicals and how to muzzle each, what is poisonous, what people drugs can be administered, etc. The First Aid for the field was taught by an Army doctor…learned lots and especially how to pack drugs with duct tape! This requires a  shopping trip to Walmart to get decorator duct tape. I love this day…. We had some kind of celebrity boy there from Dallas…he had on a fine belt buckle….I think this could be a great hobby for a middle aged woman…taking photos like this! Ha!



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