In a Word: Catastrophic .


Just when I think this house can’t get any worse it does get worse—and significantly. I haven’t cried yet. I would say I am keeping a very stiff upper lip. This is what I think. I am totally blocking out what I can’t help….BUT, just for the record, I think I could just belly up and crack with little or no warning. The painters say they will be finished this week. Here’s the issue. We leave July 1 and I would really like the house to be functional for the house sitter. Collins says he thinks the inside will be completed but the kitchen sink might not be in…the one we ordered was cracked! No other sink will fit as it was measured to fit the quartz counter top. Tooooooo much. Tonight we sleep in the guest bedroom

Today we had our last dance lesson in the series of five. Just today we started getting the two step…we want to go to a dance this Friday night….actually I don’t know that we WANT to go but we need to and it will be something different. Our instructor will probably have to have veneers on his teeth–from grinding. I know we have reallllllllly taxed his patience. Len is have more and more difficulty with his leg going numb…I think he has been a great sport about taking these lessons considering his infirmity.


The other day I had some thoughts about daydreams. Not too many years ago I daydreamed a lot…ok what is the difference between a fantasy and a daydream? I will look it up. Meanwhile, I’ll continue with the flow…Here it is. I used to day dream about being smarter than I am….usually in some public way…like suddenly speaking fluent Spanish, Italian, Japanese, or the like. I would display this fluency when all were in a bind to need the language and I would be really humble. Like anyone would believe that! Ha! Or, I might have some really awesome second life – like a spy or a faded flamenco dancer….all revealing these traits with humility, somehow that makes it ok to be a show off. Now here’s what is funny. Once I asked Len if

he ever had daydreams….this was before he retired. He said, yes, answered honestly which I love about him, sometimes. Anyway. He said he used to daydream about fist fighting this one guy at work. I howled. Here’s the deal. Len was the senior executive over about 300 people but they all worked for different companies…so he lead them operationally but not administratively. One guy was a real ass. It made Len nuts, hence the fistfight day dream. Aren’t we funny? I wanted to be amazingly smart and Len wanted to have control. I guess that’s what it all meant.

Recently I went to the Sammons Senior Center in Temple to take Sweatin’ to the Oldies. I imagined it would be like a Richard Simmons dance frenzy. When I got there I was surprised to see about 40 chairs arranged in a horse shoe….there were men and women, some morbidly obsese, and all much older than I but for one. Here’s the point. It was hard and I did sweat! I saw that they are offering line dancing. I will do that when I get back because, why the hell not? Got to keep moving and I think it is good for my brain too. At Mah Jong, we talked about other dance options. Becky is interested in ballet and I am-sort of-but I am really interested in tap. Just imagine all those burning calories.


I went home Thursday. The plan was to meet Belinda at the McNay for their Food Truck and Rock n’ Roll night highlighting Fearless Freddie. But it the event was rained out so instead, we met at La Paloma Blanco…great visit and phenomenal mojitos! We are narrowing our focus on the cruise…

Billy’s birthday was Friday so we had a little birthday dinner bringing the food in from Central Market. Billy and David were going out with some of David’s chums from TMI.

As I readied to leave for home, Mom and I were saying our loving and tearful goodbyes—Mom asked me sweetly if I would pray for the Spurs to win and especially for Manu to be able to play like the athlete he used to be! Now that is so funnnnny. She is a Spurs devotee. As I am writing this I am watching the finals and I am hoping the Spurs wax the Heat…well they lost by one stinkin’ point so there will be a 7th game. This is killin’ us. I will pray harder.


I went to Barnes and Noble to get some good long books for Mom…she is an avid reader. I selected three then as I checked out I saw the Sports Illustrated with the Spurs on the cover. I thought, she will like this….little did I know. When I got home I told her I found some good books and she was pleased…but when I pulled out that Sports Illustrated, time stopped. She took the magazine and immediately started reading. I made her day.


IMG_0152.JPG A cute story. Mom was reminiscing. She is so timid so this story was especially good. She said that when she was a young 2nd Lt. nurse on the ward, the ‘boys’ would get on the loud speaker and sing a version of a popular Guy Lombardo song, You Know it’s Love. The lyrics are: “You know it’s love when your heart goes bumpety, bump, bump, bump.” They would sing instead, “You know Bump, she is our love, love, love.” Yes, my Mom’s last name was Bump!

Last night Jackie and I went to Austin for dinner and our last show of the season at the Long Center for Performing Arts. Dixie’s Tupperware Party. I had very low expectations–and it was wonderfully funny. Lewd, raunchy, interactive, and almost intolerably hilarious. I wept all the way through it. It was a great night…super conversation with Jackie and shared belly laughs and two huckleberry margaritas at the Roaring Fork.. Nothing better!




One Response to “In a Word: Catastrophic .”

  1. Lou Ann Weaks Says:

    Your experiences have thoroughly convinced me that we will NEVER remodel our kitchen regardless of how much it needs it. Life is too short. Am sorry your prayers weren’t enough to catapult the Spurs into a win. However, I have long suspected that prayers do NOT affect the outcome of any athletic contest!!! Bon Voyage my friends!

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