Just How Far is it to the End of My Rope? Just How Far is it to the End of My Rope? Just How Far is it to the End of My Rope? Just How Far is it to the End of my Rope?

Dear Mom,

This will be the most poorly composed letter—with no logical punctuation but I am determined to write you a sweet love letter before we leave tomorrow and to catch you up on the horrors of remodeling, too.

It is possible that I might have gone past the end of my rope! I never dreamed that the remodeling could be so disruptive…the trick must be to live elsewhere not in the midst of it all. On one hand, I think well only once was a really freaked out and that was when they first put the counter tops in…but that only lasted a bit and the issues are already taken care of—a seam didn’t look right to me and there was a black spot in the quartz…all gone now. It is the painting that has really been hard. Nothing is where it should be and stuff put on the porches and who knows where. I had a bunch of coins wrapped and ready to turn in to the bank…and they are totally missing.

OK, here’s the long and short of it. It looks very good and we are delighted with the counter top although it is hard to tell if it is clean just by looking. The new light fixtures look good, the appliances are very smart, the sink is super, etc. I miss the busy blue pattern in the tile but soon I won’t even think about it. We haven’t hung anything back up really. The cabinets have no hardware yet, the glass shelving for the china above the range isn’t here yet, and we are missing some cabinet doors…and one light fixture needs to be ordered.

While we are gone they will paint the outside of the house and the newly replaced porch columns. Jackie says I am very brave to go off with the work continuing, but what can I do. Collins, Katie’s husband, is reallllllllly good about checking on things and fixing things that to wrong….for example: On Friday I was sitting in the bed room, when they were cutting down one of the rotted porch columns. I heard a big craccccck. I looked up just in time to see the column smash one of the big urn fountains. Some one said, I hope Susan didn’t see that! Collins said looking up into the bedroom, “Yep, she saw it.” He and I will go fountain shopping when I get back. It didn’t bother me so much, but it realllllly made Collins sick. I tell him, “It isn’t a mistake if you can fix it. “

Diego is going to stay and Joan and John’s ranch tomorrow. They have a Labrador Retriever…and they also have a sort of Doggie Day Care for some of the MCEC’s staff dogs! Len and I are both anxious about the arrangement only because we are so attached to the beast. This is better though for Diego since he can pretty much run with Bella, the Labrador, in a large fenced area. Mickey will stay here with the house sitters.

Have you finished reading The House at Riverton? I really liked it. I am listening to a suspense novel called Agent 6 that is really good too. I will order it for you as a book. It starts in the 50’s Cold War up to today with same characters. You will like it and I believe Bros. Bill will too.

Our housekeeper, Teresa, has been wonderful during this house business. It is much easer to take things down and store away than it is to put them back….all covered with fine dust….yuck.

Sweet, love letter! Mom, you are so dear. I admire you endlessly for your goodness, patience, generosity, gentleness, and so many other things. Oh, and before I forget, Mom, I did pray that the Spurs would win, as you requested….guess you should have asked for supplications from a person closer to God! It was heartbreaking to see them lose. But, what gentlemen! Pop and his team epitomized good sportsmanship. It was a great playoff, even if we didn’t win.

Billy keeps me up to date on what is going on with you. I worry that your appetite is waning. Please keep drinking those Ensure drinks. You can drink as many as you like!

I will be home not long after our return from the cruise….I have your appointment with Dr. Benson on my calendar so I can take you. I will text or call Billy while we are away to see how you are doing. Know that I love you so much and will think of our past travels together – we did have lots of good times.

Here is our itinerary—

July 2-5 Copenhagen, Denmark; July 6, Rocstock, Germany; July 7 Gdansk, Poland; July 8 at sea; July 9 Tallinn, Estonia, July 10-12 St. Petersburg, Russia, July 13 Helsinki, Finland; July 14-15 Stockholm, Sweden! The weather will be in the high 60s and mid 70s. I have to go to bed now…Len has a tight schedule for tomorrow.

I love you!


One Response to “Just How Far is it to the End of My Rope? Just How Far is it to the End of My Rope? Just How Far is it to the End of My Rope? Just How Far is it to the End of my Rope?”

  1. Lou Ann Weaks Says:

    Does look beautiful though. Hopefully, it will be worth losing your mind and a portion of your life over (what a poorly constructed sentence plus ends with that danged preposition)!!!!!!!!!

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