NOT NOW–My Stinkin’ Computer is Sick


We have been home 5 days and I haven’t been able to write about the cruise…and now that I have the time, the computer is so sick it has to go on sick call at the Apple Store tomorrow for who knows how long! I could so easily forget something. So, in a very tiny nutshell: It was great. Perfect weather–mostly cool in the high 60s and low 70s. One day about 81. The sea was like glass but for the one day we were ‘on the sea’ for an entire day…then James said the waves were about 8-10’…I have seen too many ship wreck movies. I never felt even queasy. Belinda caught some nasty bug somewhere along the line that left her totally incapacitated for about a day and a half. So sick she had to go to the ship doctor. She is amazing and a real Viking Queen — she just kept going, watching the rest of us eat and drink to excess! I think it is a blessing we cannot read other’s think bubbles—but I THINK Belinda and James enjoyed the trip as much as we did.

I will write about these things when I get the computer back from the shop.

  1. There really might be a limit to how many beautiiiiiiiful palaces you can see in 18 days.
  2. Oceania is a great cruise line. The Marina is the largest of their fleet but small by most cruise lines. Only 1,500 passenger capacity.
  3. Len was a prince among men to go full throttle on this trip….the pent house stateroom for example.
  4. Private tours really are the way to go. Next time not so many cruise line excursions
  5. Spa treatments on board were magnifico. Getting pummeled, soaked, buffed, and steamed all loverly.
  6. There may also be limits to how much food I can eat. I treated myself like a duck getting stuffed for a future in foie gras.
  7. I took clothes I didn’t need only because the weather turned out to be more pleasant than anticipated. No fleece needed.
  8. We missed Diego a lot. Diego, however was quite happy staying at J & J’s ranch. He came back a better behaved dog…we are hoping they will let him come back for Doggie Play Days! J says it was a successful visit because nothing was broken and nothing died…..Pretty close though!
  9. Len needed to use a cane sometimes; I needed James or Belinda to lean on for most stair climbing, although Belinda said she thought I was much stronger than last year.
  10. The third day, I swallowed my crown, as in front tooth. Made me cranky for an hour but I decided to not be nuts. More on this later. Few toothy smiling photos.
  11. Len and I took lots of photos….Len was the big winner by count. Not that we are in the least bit competitive, but I believe mine are more interesting. He would challenge that.
  12. Favorites: St. Petersburg. Least favorite, Gdansk.
  13. We never did get to practice our recently learned two step.
  14. Weight gain about 6 pounds.
  15. Hair ugly the entire trip.
  16. Came home to incomplete remodeling…..grrrrrr.
  17. Computer wants to die so will quit for now.
  18. Photos later.

One Response to “NOT NOW–My Stinkin’ Computer is Sick”

  1. Camie Sands Says:

    Can’t wait to read the rest. Sorry about that re-model! Thinking of you being here with me at this time last year.

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