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At Least My Toes Aren’t Naked Anymore—

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A good coat of paint and some heel buffing help. Nevertheless, I have ugly, knotty feet. But I have smooth heels and paint on the nails.

I am not writing so much these days because I feel like I am saying the same old stuff and lamenting over the same things. I bore myself.

I have been preoccupied with Mom. She eats barely enough to feed a bird and two hours after every minuscule meal she throws up. I marvel that she isn’t malnourished. Thank God she loves Ensure but even that is worrisome…as Brother Bill says, the danger of aspirating is significant. I was home for three days earlier this month then I went again this last week. Billy and I took her to get a consult and a quickly scheduled endoscopy the following day. The anesthesiologist was amazed at how well she did during the procedure…and we brought her home believing all was well and it was for a day but then yesterday she started getting sick again. By this time I was back in Salado. Billy called the doctor and they said for her to go ahead and drink Ensure this weekend and to bring her in on Monday. I keep telling Billy that he is a saint. He is a great caregiver. I won’t be able to go back until I get back from Mexico…and yes, I am still planning to go.

I told Mom I would postpone the trip but she assures me that I should go on. I have spoken with Diane who owns the house and dog I will be caring for…how do you say that without a preposition at the end? I don’t know or care right now. Anyway, Diane has a back up plan if I need to drop out at the last minute.

I am going to take Diane’s place at water aerobics three times a week unless the instructor won’t allow it….I need to do something. I was doing pretty darn good on my diet until I went to San Antonio—I go on an enchilada binge as soon as I hit the city limits.

I am listening to some ‘spa’ music on the Music Channel….very relaxing…I keep looking up to see the name of the tune and it tickles me to read the composers’ names. The names are just so New Age….instead of Dick it will be Dik or it will be something like Fallow or Aspen. This reminds me too of an author who writes children’s books when she is not being a chef or a B&B owner. She is multi talented for sure….written a tons of kids’ books, cookbooks, etc. Anyway, when she was 18 years-old she married her sweetheart. She says she was a ‘baby radical’ so to separate her identify from her parents she changed her name to Crescent Dragonwagon. I was a baby radical for about 15 minutes but I could never in a million years talked Len into taking on a new name, maybe like, Leaf Hopper. That makes me laugh. Len and Leaf Hopper. Hahah. Maybe Len and Butterfly Whisper…but I talk too much so it would be an oxymoron. Ok that’s a name. Len and Oxy Moron! That I like.

Patt & Susan  1970.bmpIMG_7387.jpg

Happily, my San Antonio trip coincided with my college-and post college roommate’s visit to see her Mom in San Antonio. Patt, a retired Marine air traffic controller lives in the San Diego area with her husband Jake and a couple of rescue Great Pyrenees. On a scale of 1-10 for interesting people, Patt has always been about a 9.7. I talked to her a couple of months ago on the phone after several attempts to get hold of her. She did get back to me finally and said she was having memory issues. Now she tells me quite matter of factly that she has Alzheimers. She also says something is going to kill us and that is just how she will die. This is my second good friend with Alzheimer’s. I loved being with Patt again. We cried off and on and held hands a lot. We reminisced about sitting in the stairwell of our dorm singing patriotic songs and hymns. We sounded pretty good in that stairwell. Patt also had the first asymmetrical hair cut…because she let me cut her hair…and she was very positive about it too. It tickles me that Patt still tells listeners that I was wild as the wind while she stayed home and did our homework. My belief is we were both wild as the wind and yes she did do our homework. So back to the Alzheimer’s. There is no elephant in the room. We laugh and carry on. She compliments my memory. I love Patt and our history.

I just read on Facebook 1000 uses for coffee filters and also in a separate post all you could do with Peroxide. I love these essays. I mean it, I am possessed about using coffee filters for anything. I can separate plates, remove make up, clean windows, strain yogurts, wipe up spills, etc. Coffee filters save the day.

On Friday Billy and I were taking Mom for her endoscopy…this is so funny. The three of us are deaf to differing degrees but all deaf. Billy and I both wear hearing aids. What is so funny? As we are driving, the GPS voice is talking, Mom is answering her, then Billy and I start talking and no one can hear anyone. Billy and I laughed so hard and Mom kept trying to talk to the GPS. When she figured it out, she laughed too. We love our Mom.

And now it is blood pressure medicine I add to my list of medications. The good news: Indirol not only lowers my blood pressure it also significantly reduces the hand tremors. Regarding my knees: No I don’t need surgery yet, I need to develop quads. Humph.