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A Little Prsecco and Time to Reflect

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I have just plopped a pork shoulder in the slow cooker for a 10 hour slow cook for tomorrow’s carnitas….I love crock pots. Now that I am a chunker girl, I am more interested in food preparation. I have absolutely no wrinkles I am so plump…so there is always something good about every bleak situation. I lose weight and I will look like a hag.

At last: The remodeling is done. Collins and I miscounted so the cabinets need two more knobs and also the under skirting for the dishwasher. It has no idea how to make noise. It is soooooo quiet and nice. In a nutshell: Everything looks grrrreat. I didn’t have more than three little fits. Collins kept his emotional balance and Len is satisfied with his investment. All in all we have all new kitchen appliances, new lighting, new counter tops, new sink, new window treatments (coming in September), new paint through out the house, new ceilings in the kitchen and hall, new moldings in the bathrooms, newly stained porches and garage, new paint on exterior, hmmmmmmm what else? I think that is it. I am thinking of Tennessee Ernie Ford and the song lyrics from, ‘This Old House.’ I’m not feeling fatalistic but I do think there is a time to quit putting money into the house.

Ain’t a-gonna need this house no longer.

Ain’t a-gonna need this house no more.

Ain’t got time to fix the shingles.Tennessee-Ernie-Ford-251026-1-402.jpg

Ain’t got time to fix the floor.

Ain’t got time to oil the hinges,

nor to mend the window panes.

Ain’t a-gonna need this house no longer.

I’m a-gettin’ ready to meet the saints (in 20 years, I think.)

In the midst of the remodeling, I’ve become a maniac AGAIN about purging and have a ton of stuff for an October ‘Pre-Estate Sale.’ This reminds me…I am taking my 83 Holy/Prayer Cards and sending them to my former suite mate, Tish, from A&M days. She is the best of Catholics and always hoped I would stop collecting the holy cards because she thought I considered them pretty baseball cards. She will find a good way to distribute them throughout her parish church.

Interesting discoveries in an old filing cabinet. Letters of recommendation from various folks for us to adopt a baby/child in 1980, I think. How different life would have been. I have no regrets but it is something to ponder. There were other documents too….newspaper clippings about my 1980 Texas Home Economics Teacher of the Year, new jobs, doctorate degree, etc. In the big scheme of things they remind me of a big tape measure. I don’t get too wistful about these events…they seem like events in a book I read a long time ago. But my heart just doesn’t stir.

I saw Jean Sykes the other day at the hospital. She is so precious/dear. We always have a nice love-in when we meet. She was the principal at Jefferson Elementary when I first started working in Temple ISD as a substitute…she hired me as a long term sub in kindergarten….anyway, she is very religious but not annoying just earnest. I told her I was going to Mexico for a month….we concluded our conversation and were moving away from one another when she turned and called me back. She took my hand and said the sweetest little prayer. I wish I could remember it. I liked it.

Actually, it kind of reminds me of what Becky says as she wishes you well before a trip. She says, “Travel mercies.” I really like that. Anne Lamott has a book by that name too that I downloaded. Will read it in Mexico. Reading now, The Summer of the Bear. Good I think.

Just got an email from David Stone recommending Casa Dragones Tequila—made in San Miguel…..Camie has the full scoop on it. Apparently, it is about $300.00 a bottle. Yikes, I was hoping to set up a tour of the place and some sipping too but I don’t know if I can afford to sniff the decanter! I am also thinking I might have a glass, love it, continue drinking it, and go bankrupt.

Tomorrow I HAVE to pack and I am not looking forward to figuring out what to take for a month. It is the rainy season….so what kind of shoes? The temperature is 80 F-50 F. What will I be doing? I want this to be wonderful because I don’t think Mom’s health is going to allow too many trips this year. I also want to be a good dog/house sitter and not break anything or let the dog die or get shot or get food poisoning or drive the SMdA friends nuts or be a recluse or a drunk or a something else I can’t think of right now.


This week I had a potluck “It isn’t a Farewell Party” for Patty. Her house did have a contract on it, but it fell through. But since the party was planned, we just went ahead with it. Very nice. Very quick even with household drama. Right before the party, we had still another water line break. I bet we have paid $6,000. 00 in repairs and water bills because of that damned water line over the past 17 years.

I am tired. Going to bed and will write more tomorrow.

Next day. I haven’t been out of the house one time. Just packing and this is stupid. I am going to see if Barbara can go through my suitcase and eliminate some things. Eleven pairs of slacks, 3 dresses, 4 skirts, 12 tops, 2 pair of PJs, and 7 pair of shoes…That’s only part of it all. Camie called tonight for a quick chat….she advises no more and buy what I need if I need it there. She is taking a carry on and a backpack to Paris and Madrid. What’s my problem?

PS: I wrote this over a week ago before leaving for Mexico…I am in more of a time warp than I was on the cruise…..So some additional information before I write a new entry after lunch. A slight correction–I brought EIGHTEEN (18) pair of shoes. I am totally insane…Len will take home 16 for me. Mexico update later.