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Ninth Day in San Maguel

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I am mad at myself for not writing in my journal every day, let alone an entire week, plus one. I can call it Mexico time but really it is that there is so much to do and everything really does take longer to do here, and my personal clock is slow nowadays. BUT today, I promised myself a day at home alone but then I am already looking to take a walk down Relox (means watch, I think). Ooops, getting ahead of myself.

I have little recollection about the flight…drugs and all. Nothing to report is good, I think. Bojiogo Shuttle Company was there Johnny-on-the-spot and it was an easy ride to San Miguel. No harrowing traffic stories. So the main point is that Diane met us here at the house, Villas de Parque 28, to give the tour and to start the orientation.


So, what about the house? It is very modern by my taste, eclectic too. Some large primitive pieces and some so modern chairs that I could never sit in, or if I did, I could never get up. There is an enormous entry that has a massive ficus tree in it. It seems wasted space but it is lovely. There are two bedrooms, one down with twin beds and a private bath, and the master upstairs with a great dressing room and bathroom with all kinds of nooks and crannies. In addition, there I a dining room, office, roof garden, and a lovely fountain-bar-entertainment area off the living room. I will attach some photos to show. There is a ‘New York’ garden, as Diane calls it, off the guest bedroom suite. It has a fountain, some green areas and is surrounded by a large wall. I have to remind myself that she has only been in this house four months. Ok, more. The location is fairly central, just a few blocks from St. Paul’s and maybe a 5 minute walk to the Parque Juarez and a 20 minute walk to the Jardin.

The house orientation included a surprise…Instead of $1,500.00 for the month, Diane wanted $2,000.00. It was IMG_7523.jpg IMG_7586.jpg uncomfortable to say the least….Her manner was smooth…she had asked me to bring $1,000.00 in cash and since I had given her a $500.00 check already, I didn’t anticipate more…she said she had talked to her agent and he said she should charge $2,000.00 minimum for this property. Well, here I am. Pretty much stuck. So I am dog sitting and paying rent too. I have tried not to say too much about it because San Miguel is such a close knit community. Everyone knows everyone else and all enjoy a little chismes (gossip is Spanish). Len told me repeatedly to let it go because where could you stay for $50.00 a night that included a housekeeper and a driver? Here’s what I hope, I am to pay electricity too and phone….and I have yet to ascertain how much that could be until after the fact.

Martha is the housekeeper—very sweet 30 + years old and Raul, in his late 30s, is the major domo, as I call him. He speaks great English, he likes to talk, and cheerfully will do all kinds of errands. Martha comes 5 days a week and Raul now comes 3 days a week. He was Diane’s late husband’s full-time caretaker since Billy’s stroke….maybe 7 years. Diane has been widowed just about a years.

I think that’s enough background. Diane is very easy to be around and I think she took an immediate liking to Len. Pretty obviously….Len was a Prince of Men while he was here! Generous, charming, accommodating, flexible—the works. It was nice. I asked him this morning if he enjoyed it and he said yes….a lot. After the first couple of days, I still had reservations about how brave am I really staying by myself here….Without any coaching, Len volunteered to come back after Jackie and Barbara leave! Very kind. But NO. I said I wanted to do this and I do and I already feel very comfortable. Tonight will be the first night on my own. Jake is a great barker and I feel safe here in the compound.

I hear the knife sharpener man on the street. He’s clanging a bell…and a few minutes ago the bell rang it was the flower lady….I didn’t get any today because the Bird of Paradise still is looking good and the woooooooonderful gardenias Len bought for me. I did tell her to come back next week so I can get some for the girls.
IMG_7560.jpgIMG_7539.jpg IMG_7511.jpg

Next Day! I can’t get anything done here!

OK, while Len was here we were invited to Gay y Dennis’ house for dinner…also present were the Kocohureks and their neighbor—who lives with them most of the time….he is 85. It was a very pleasant evening…easy people to talk with and the good was delicious.


We also had dinner with Camie and Larry….the first night with Diane at a local spot right next to

IMG_7474.JPGRosewood….hell, I can’t remember the name. Then at VC and Friends during the Doc Severenson show (also Gay y Dennis), and then at the Berlin Bar. I have no idea why I am trying to name everything but I think somehow it is good for my brain.

Here is what helping me get adjusted: I am taking water aerobics MWF at a local hotel….all American women but one….It cost $100.00 for the month. It is good for me to have a routine, exercise, meet people, etc. Also it is good because I can’t sleep in every day. The class is at 9:30 in the morning.

Sometimes after class, I get a glass of Green Juice at El Café….It is orange juice, parsley, celery, napal (cactus), and something else. It isn’t exactly good but not exactly bad either. What it is, it is good for me. So much vitamin A that my skin should be beeeeeautiiiful….but every time I come to Mexico my skin breaks out. So maybe that Vitamin A will give me a terrific immune system. I am trying to eat sensibly while I am here and Lord knows I am walking more than ever and in the altitude surely I will lose a pound or two!IMG_7556.jpg

I went to a Mexican dentist—it was pretty darned interesting. My new permanent implant was supposed to be permanently glued in before I left but Dacien, my dentist didn’t like the color so once again, I knew I was behind the eight ball. And yup, on the way out of Salado, the damned tooth came out. I used some temporary glue to stick it on but I knew it was just a matter of time before it came out again and I sure didn’t want to swallow this one….so Larry set me up with his dentist….I am not going to brag as much as I want because that might be the kiss of death. She had a tiny, tiny office. No massage therapist nor a relaxation room like Dacien has. She told me that this tooth is only for reading and smiling! Not chewing. I like her.She is a member of the American Dental Association.

Hmmmm. What else? One of my hearing aids went out and of course, it is the one that goes in the really bad ear. I called Scott and White where I bought them…and we worked out a way for them to work on it–Len took it home with him….and Barbara is bringing it back. I will be without it for a week.

Tomorrow is Day 1 of the Hummingbird Festival up at the Botanical Garden. Raul’s going to drive me up there so I don’t have to take a taxi…it would be at least a 4-mile walk and UP hill. I will write about it after the fact. I want to get this finished so I can go upstairs and watch TV in bed. Then I reallllly want to be asleep by 10:00.

What else do I want to remember? It is 99 F at home; it is 72 here. It hasn’t rained until yesterday…and it rained again today. I bought some mosquito spray today at the big grocery store……I don’t want Dengue Fever.

Now I really have to go to bed.   IMG_7562.jpg

IMG_7598.jpg IMG_7594.JPG