The Revolution Must Have Started.

It has been very, very quiet up until today….Sunday, September 8, 2013. At noon, suddenly the big, big booms started. I know it is really just warming up. Camie, I think, told me that that during Mexican Independence MONTH it becomes progressively loud. San Miguel is fireworks city. We’ll see. I brought one pair of earplugs and may ask Barbara to bring more.

This morning I slept in until 9:30…very nice. It is coldish here and overcast and perfect weather to hunker down…I might even eat chicken soup that Martha made for me. So, this is day two of the Hummingbird Festival and I have opted not to go back up to the Festival International del Colibri. I was so cold yesterday and the program today is primarily in Spanish. Yesterday’s sessions were terrific. There were only about 100 people-half Spanish speakers and the other half English speakers. I attended Sherri Williamson’s ‘Hummingbird Banding Experiences.’ Williamson, author of Peterson’s Field Guide to Hummingbirds of North America, is a biologist and naturalist living in Arizona. Beth Kingsley’s did a sweet photo lecture called ‘Romancing the Hummingbird.’ She ended with a quotation from her poem, ‘When Women Were Birds.’ Damn, I can’t find it on the internet….I guess I could buy it…She is kind of a mystic I think. She writes about ‘God Laughing in Flowers’, ‘Word Pearls’, etc. She has an MA in Music Therapy…she also has a hypnotic voice and she is an amazing photographer. Oh, she lives in Sedona where it is politically correct to be a mystic. Finally, Susan Bonfield presented ‘Hummingbirds: Superheroes of the Bird World’. I learned that there are 340 species of hummingbirds….a tiny, tiny hummer called a bee hummingbird; that they have amazingly fast synaptic charges to tell their wings to maneuver around; their brain is 4% of their body size; their iridescence is to help them look meaner and bigger; there is an International Migrating Bird Day; Broad Tail hummers like the nectar from Ocatillo cactus; you can do a GYN exam on a hummer with a drinking straw to blow their feathers away from their tummy where you can see right through their skin; hummers can live 9-12 years; can migrate from FL to Alaska; etc. Here’s the thing. I can’t and won’t remember all that was said…I would like to visit one of the banding sites where a volunteer can use their hand as a launching pad for a hummer, etc. Very run on sentence. Oh, this is cool….Bed, Bath, and Beyond sells little lingerie bags that are used for holding bags for hummers before banding.

A new chum, Patrice was at the festival. She is in my water aerobics class. She is pretty darned interesting. She has lived here 1 year; she’s originally from Ontario, she has lost 60 pounds in the year she has been here; she worked the last 15 years in the Antarctic as a teacher, principal, and superintendent. I used to think I was interesting before this experience. More on the demographics later.

IMG_7590.jpgIMG_7627.jpgIMG_7628.jpgIMG_7598.jpg IMG_7629 (1).jpgJust a few interesting doors.

There were vendors and I was moved to buy a very peculiar looking shawl that is made of felted wood. It kinds of looks like a rag. I like it. I took a taxi home, which was double the price because of distance from El Centro and well worth it. I walked in the house feeling weakfish…took Jake on the fastest walk he may have ever been on….then I went upstairs and fell right into bed…I slept two hours and felt puny all through my nap.

I didn’t want to go to the Gala but Leslie and I previously agreed to go. Hmmmm, what to say about the gala? Well, it was a gala. It was POURING rain. I felt plain because I forgot to bring floozy clothes. Leslie came in a taxi to pick me up for quite a distant ride out of the El Centro. I haven’t seen decorations like that since my prom at Kaiserslautern American High School. I will give it to the husband and husband, Jim and Alfred, they know how to make the Z Club, a corrugated steel structure look great! Yards and yards of billowing fabric, huge cardboard silhouettes of hummers, and exotic candle arrangements available at their shop. I wanted it all. Leslie and I sat with nice people who were strangers to me….the dinner was good. Beef steak, a purposefully cold chili relleno, rice, a new age enchilada filled with who knows what, and a salsa that turned my stomach to jelly. We were served mojitos and wine. Dessert was a chocolate tart. Here’s how it went….everyone in every kind of dress….to the max and to the minimum. Big jewels. Lots and lots of smoozing. I am clearly an amateur. I must write precisely about my observations. There were folks I knew by sight, and naturally lots I had never seen. I saw Hope and Dirk, Rodrigo and his wife, Adrian (who is NOT Rodrigo’s wife ☺), and another couple from St. Paul’s. I guess I have been around enough that a few people said they knew me but couldn’t remember from where. I have a common face, I think. Eight paper maché masks, a huge (6 foot) Katrina, and a chandelier hummingbird feeder were raffled off. Big bucks. I sat quietly. I wanted that Katrina. Leslie and I looked at each other and mutually agreed it was time to go. I assumed we would take a taxi back but friends from her Shakespeare group offered her a ride and I was allowed to join them.

So, in the ride back I realize that this is a community of really interesting people. There aren’t any commoners to speak of. Everyone seems to have a story that’s at least twenty five standard deviations from the norm. These people had lived in Machala, Equador for 17 years. I guess it is the largest port for banana exportation in the world. Also Equador’s currency is the US dollars. Now, it would be dumb to get carried away and sound like I am ashamed of my history. I like it. But it does seem that everyone I have met has something sort of sensational in his or her history.

I took Jake for a 1.5 mile walk this morning and will do the same later. Right now I think I will go down to the Jardin and maybe get something to eat at Mesa Grande…I want green juice and a veggie omelet from El Café but it appears to be closed.

I’ve been watching the History channel on 911 as I write this. I cried to see it.


This is a funny sign…I don’t know what it means.

The sun is sort of out so I think I will head out….maybe more later.

Next Day: Today I took Jake over to Leslie’s house for a playdate with Hector.


Well, I thought I had more to write about but tonight I am blank.


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  1. Thinking that the sign is referencing what will happen if you fall asleep at the wheel… 🙂 Just a guess!

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