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Just Some Photos–and Not Good Photos Either

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When I get home, I am selling my ‘big’ camera. I didn’t take it on the cruise and I didn’t bring it here. In fact, I didn’t bring the snap and shoot either. If I take a photo, I use my phone. There is nothing to beat the convenience…consequently, the photos are just so so. There is something to be said about having pretty low standards. I am hardly ever stressed about outcome. Well, it depends. If I take the photo, I am pretty nonplussed. BUT, if Len takes a photo that I want and it doesn’t turn out, I can get pretty high-handed.


I had a quiet day…no water aerobics so I slept in until 9:00 when the phone rang. Gay M. and I have tentatively planned to have a small group come over here next Tuesday. After some planning, I slipped on some clothes took poor old Jake on a quicky walk then came in for real make up and real costume for the day. I didn’t do a thing notable…I went to the Rosewood Hotel…one of the newest premier hotels here to get tickets for Jackie, Babs, and me for Sunday….We will get to taste the Casa Dragones tequila that is being promoted here, have a lovely dinner, then go upstairs to Luna, the roof top bar for a few drinks and hopefully watch the fireworks…provided that it isn’t raining. We are only a block away so no taxi will be necessary.


I took Leslie’s advice and went for a manicure local to our neighborhood. Very, very relaxing and reasonable too. I love their color scheme.

After dinner at ‘home’, I walked down to the Santa Clara ice cream shop for one scoop of coconut. I IMG_7551.JPG am sorry I did because now I will want to go every night. I like living right in the midst of things and being to walk places quickly. I THINK I have lost some weight. If not, I am going to going on an eating binge starting with cream-based dishes!

Leslie went to a memorial service yesterday. Apparently this woman was very big on telling stories. She used to say, “People go to Boca Rotan to die. Other people go to San Miguel de Allende to live.” I get that.

IMG_7653.jpg If I lived here, what color would I paint my door? IMG_7646.jpg