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What? So what? Now what?

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I want to write, I want to walk. I want to see. I want to shop. I want to hear. I want to know. I want to laugh. I want impact. I want to love. I want to forgive. I want. Yes, Dr. West, you said it early on in graduate school. I am greedy. I also would like to write a short story in haiku.

Now that is out of my system. IMG_7797.jpg

So the girls came on the 11-18th and it seemed like they were here about an hour. Jackie and Barbara loooooooved the house—Babs said best house we have ever had here. Same comments from our little soiree last Tuesday night. I must share this with Diane as it will surely please her.

I really thought I would start writing the minute they left but because I was drugged with Benadryl, I said good-bye then went IMG_7745.JPG directly to the couch and slept 3 hours! I have had a weird rash starting on my chest, then moving to my shoulders, back, arms, then finally on the outside of my thighs! I thought it might be the detergent that Martha uses, so I bought Tide….didn’t help. Then I thought it might be tequila, or maybe guacamole, or insect repellant. I have no idea. I went through one entire tube of cortisone cream 2.5% and a box of Benadryl. It hasn’t been awful just inconvenient. I may go to Camie’s Mexican doctor tomorrow if it isn’t any better.IMG_7899.jpg

Back to the girls stay. We did lots and lots of walking, which has helped me with weight control, but we also ate and drank a good bit. I won’t remember the highlights so I might have to keep coming back as I remember. It rained nearly every day and was cool–say in the 70s. One day it rained so much the streets flooded. There were two hurricanes on either side of Mexico that converged right on top of us. We had reservations at Rosewood for a 5-course dinner with a Casa Dragones tequila tasting. A bottle costs $350.00—a shot costs $55.00! Jackie and I enjoyed the free one then purchased a shot….it is good, I guess, but I doubt I will buy any for the house! It was just in San Miguel. The dinner was creative and some courses superb. There was caramelized veal that I loved and the red snapper wrapped in palm leaves was nice too. After dinner we went up stairs to the Luna Bar for a few drinks and to see the fireworks. We had had a bountiful lunch at Gayle’s Sunday brunch so we were happy enough with the little dainty servings. I like eating at Gayle’s and the girls especially enjoy seeing her since they stayed with her years ago during the Day of the Dead tour.

I didn’t go to water aerobics at all while they were here because I didn’t want to miss a minute with them. The master bedroom is upstairs so I missed a lot of chit-chat and the last day or two I just sat in the guest room so I could be with them!


One day we had Raul drive us to Queretaro to see the pyramid, lunch, and shopping. Another day we went down to the Jardin for Mexican Independence Day celebrations—with a lot of rich, young, Mexico City, Bad Boys. That is what Leslie calls them. They were sitting at a table nearby drinking shots of Petron Gold. Although they were rascals, they had good manners—or the King Pin did. He brought shots over to us…we were happy to enjoy the free shots. I don’t think I ever have had a shot of tequila before…that may have been the beginning of my


Day Time Drinking!

IMG_7716.jpgWe also had a fantastic dinner at Calendula one night. We were the only diners in the lovely patio…delicious porcini (cep) mushroom risotto for me–and something else that I no longer remember. We declined desert but the chef brought us a complimentary pot of chocolate peppers! They were marvelous.

What else? Yes, we had a soiree. The Mayfields, Kokocourks, Gayle, Leslie, and Ron Scott and Fred York. Martha made fantastic potato pancakes, zucchini pancakes, and mushroom, cheese, spinach empanadas. The plan was to go for dinner after drinks but all tapas were consumed so we just partied oIMG_7741.JPGn. Interesting that so much of this is about food, huh?

They have been gone three days. The weather immediately cleared up. It rains every night and it is cool….it is usually about 75-80 degrees.

Last night Camie came over—Just what I needed! We had a couple of bottles of wine and lots of yummy cheese and bread. She and Larry have been in Paris and Madrid. She has given me some ideas of things to do—Raul said he would take me to Leon to the leather district and I think I might just do this….He is a good driver and interesting…maybe a purse is in my future!

Today I went to St. Paul’s 10:30 service—the interim priest, Lucie, is in my water aerobics class…very nice service and I saw John Herron, who was the Day of the Dead tour coordinator for a year or two. He didn’t recognize me at all….Once he knew who I was he was very sweet….He said the hair confused him! I also saw Bonnie who I think used to coordinate the catering for the Day of the Dead events. I am not sure about that. At any rate she was very nice about my ‘recovery.’IMG_7857.JPG

After church I took a taxi to the Biblioteca (library) for the Sunday house tour….I have done this before and seen some great houses…The guide told us that they have over 400 houses that they rotate showing….a ticket costs $18.00 and the funds are used for scholarship….San Miguel has the 2nd largest Spanish/English library in Mexico….that seems odd to me. Maybe public library. The two houses we saw today were ok. Nothing spectacular but it was a nice diversion…The guide talked about tequilas….he said the same thing every one has told us…Casa Dragones is all marketing. He recommends Julio 1912. The guide also told more about the current mayor who has done a lot to spruce up the buildings….specifically restoring statues and fountains and I think offering some incentives for home exteriors to be painted…the paint is made of lime, cactus, and water.

I am totally tired and dull tonight. I have observations that I want to write about but must prime myself for that.