Ooops, Feast ETC Did Not Print

The feast, on the other hand, is the rip-roaring cognitive/emotional/social stimulation. Yes, it does sound pretty manic and there I am. But I’ll say this, it can be quite a stretch on this continuum. There is soooooooooo much to see and to learn. Now during these high flying times, I am just twitchy with inspiration. I can hardly wait to write, to take a picture, to talk, to laugh—on and on. This is quasi-deep!IMG_7871.jpg IMG_7861.JPG IMG_7939.jpg

Camie is back in town and that may have led me back to the ‘what if?’ world. We ran some errands yesterday so I was able to check out the mall area while she did some banking. I am better off in El Cetro. She dropped me off down town where I wiled away a few hours at El Rincon de Tomas drinkin’ enough Coca Cola that I was bug eyed for hours. Then off to see Dr. Blanca E. Farias Hernandez, Camie’s dermatologist about THE rash! Hmmmmm. Now that I am thinking about this numbing zone, I realize it may be all the Benadryl I have been taking… much for contemplative metacognition! Annnnnny way, Dr. Blanca was very thorough. I am glad I my pharmacist gave me a print out of all my meds. She studied the list, used her iPad to determine some and took photos of my sjpotty haunches, chest, and back. I begged for NO prednisone, so I have some mega cortisone crème, Allegra, and Cetaphil soap. Also, instructions in Spanish for Martha about my laundry! All this and she speaks perfect English!

Camie met me at Dr. Blanca’s office then we walked to the Berlin for beet caprese salad, schnitzel, and mojitos (not as good as at Hecho en Mexico.) it POURED and POURED and POURED while we had dinner. And then—off to the PetitBar for wine and movie (—A Good Year with Russell Crowe. 100 pesos gets you the movie in a precious little 20 seat-theater, wine, and popcorn. It POURED again during and after the movie so we taxied home. Because of all that Coca Cola, I was fully energized until 2:00 am….I wonder if cortisone cream exacerbates the effect of caffeine. More to think about. I read internet information about all kinds of things including Hugh Grant, of all people. He has two children by an Asian woman and he is 52 now. I sure hope they do make another sequel to Bridget Jones’ Diary. Maybe. It might be like Andy Rooney playing a boy when he was 82 years-old.

Today was BIG. Leslie invited me to be her guest at the SMdA Garden Club. Camie said, it is high society. She cracks me up. And I think she is right on. So, I hadn’t heard from Leslie to tell me what time she wanted me at her house for sure. Yesterday IMG_7957.JPG she said 11:00. NOT. When I called her, just after getting out of bed, she said, she would pick me up in 45 minutes! Shazaam. I flew around that wonderful dressing area. But I did it. AND, thank goodness, Leslie gave me a nod of approval—I am glad I used my 45 minutes to shower, layer on paint, spike up my hair* and change clothes twice. The big hat worked too. Welllllllll, Nancy (hahaha inside joke with Stephanie), it was up on Atascadero in a beautiiiiiiiful house just before Suzann McKinney’s privada street. This was more than worth the 100 pesos. The business meeting was actually interesting to hear about the club projects, galas (one coming up at Gayle’s restaurant), fund raisers, and committees.


IMG_7963.jpgMaybe there were about 50 women present all looking spiffy. Glad I had the hat! Present were at least 3 water aerobics gals and several more church acquaintances, as well as Gay. I have to put in photos. Linda and Graham come from New Zealand. Camie told me that Graham, the host, was a publisher for books in the aboriginal language. He was our speaker….about bees! Lucky me. I loved IMG_7956 (1).jpg

every minute and never blinked and took notes on my phone too. Here is what I liked about his remarks….they were concise, clear, not a bunch of show off Latin names, and funny. He knows his bees. He also told us about how they compost, recycle, xeriscape, etc. A family with money who are good stewards—environmentally and socially…also owners of street dogs who appear to be first cousins to Jake and Hector. They had attractive, free range chickens in their orchard and a chicken house that Belinda will covet. These chickens look like they would look good surrounded by dumplings! Big boobs.IMG_7951.JPG

Ok, so I am ‘home,’ as I call it until about 7:30 when I meet Camie and maybe Barbara Porter, owner of the two fastest-moving, spider monkeys I have ever seen (also free-range), at Mi Casa for dinner and flamenco**! OMG, I am so over-stimulated today.

Leslie doesn’t want to go to Leon on Friday and I think I may just save that outing to the leather district for another time. It will save some money that I can spend on something wonderful and non-essential. I am already starting to pack….Raul brought my suitcases down stairs and I will gradually fill them to capacity over the next six days. Home on Monday, the 30th and off to Mom’s on the 4th or 5th.

* The late, great Pam Hoelscher speaks through Camie! (Camie tells me this is called channeling!) mentioned getting a hair cut—without missing a beat, Camie says, “Do NOT cut your hair any shorter.” I liked that…straight and to the point and I trust her—–so I am going to try to let it grow….a little…I won’t ever be Rapunzel again but maybe Curlylocks.IMG_8004.jpg

Raul has been planing all the doors down…we have had so much rain that none of the wooden doors in the house close. I don’t know how much Diane pays him but I think he is worth every penny. Majordomo, chauffeur, translator, carpenter, and caretaker for Jake.

**Next day. IMG_7989.jpgIMG_8006.JPG   I met Camie at Mi Casa and it was a great evening…the restaurant has only about 10 tables IMG_7991.JPG and the dancers and music were really good in my unsophisticated judgement. Music reminiscent of the Gypsies Kings and I do love Gypsies. I used to think I wanted to take Flamenco lessons but then there is such a limited audience for 66-year old Flamenco dancers in Salado…but I figure I could just buy one of those spiffy dresses…I am sure I could find an occasion to wear that kind of costume. Maybe when I go visit Sally! She has come to expect that of me!

There is a fweaken’ mosquito buzzing me. I bet I get dengue fever. Now off for manicure and pedicure then dinner at Camie and Larry’s with Chris and Al and Community Church’s preacher and wife.


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