What Do San Miguel and San Diego Have in Common?

There is a certain scruffiness that San Miguel and San Diego have in common. On the surface, both seem dusty and needing a good vacuum. But, both also seem so different than dusty behind doors!

On traffic: There are no traffic lights in San Miguel according to the guide from the Biblioteca. Interestingly, cars simply stop at intersections and give on-coming cars the right of way…same with pedestrians. I like that.

8957408-toilet-sign-with-silhouettes-like-holding-pee.jpg Another thing I like is the generous attitude about restrooms. It seems to me that businesses are very tolerant about allowing non-customers to use facilities. I think that is very sensitive.

These are my notes from the Garden Club:

  • Dichondra (sp?) a weed used as ground cover helps the soil when needing beefed upindex.jpg
  • Cisterns 30000 gallon
  • Also cisterna for gray water.
  • Bee issues. Colony collapse disorder significant problem in North America
  • Hive culture. 3 typed. Workers, 1 queen, 300 drones. Hive can thrives at 93 f.
  • Female worker bees—-60,000-80,000 bees in hive.
  • Foraging bees feed the hive. Nectar for carbohydrates. Pollen too.
  • Can fly about 6 miles. Organic honey unlikely because distance bees fly
  • China Argentina & México 3largest exporters. Germany the strictest standards for organic honey.
  • Insecticides 1 problem. 2nd problem is the Africanization of bees. Nervous bees. All bees. Look same. Bee behavior defensive
  • Stings toothpaste strong deodorant. When bee stings injects a pheromone that tells other bees under attack so more bees stinging.
  • Insecticides used while plants are blooming r what kills hummingbirds, butterflies bees.
  • Buying honey. Flower fidelity. Honey should not be heated or strained.
  • Who gets to be queen? Hive decides who is queen
  • Queen never dies of old age
  • Worker bee flies around black and yellow
  • Queen surrounded by courtiers. Twice as big. Leathery monochromatic. Drones are thugs



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