Reluctant Closure

Ok so now I have to close out the month in San Miguel. I like unpacking well enough but putting the period at the end of the last sentence makes me sad. I had big plans for reflection on the ride back to the airport but I discerned pretty quickly that the Bojiogo sedan wasn’t headed toward Leon, rather he was headed more or less uphill…ended up at the Tres Casitas, so I learned, where Mary Kay was ready and eager to chat! I had never met her but we seemed compatible and for the entire ride we talked and learned from each other. She lives in Mexico in the Baja area south of Arizona—well she was interesting but I didn’t get to muse over my month in SMdA.

So now, can I pull it back together? I kinda of doubt it…Since the minute I have been home I have been on the run again. Susan and Bill were in town for about 4 days closing on the farm so we did a fast dinner/happy hour here at the house….I don’t ever want to miss a chance to be with friends that are so far away….anyway, that started the activities….then there was a surprise eye appointment with dilation, dental visit for THE BAD TOOTH (and I might add, still not on. Seems the glue the Mexican dentist used is temporary but barely. It is frequently used on children’s crowns so they won’t come off easily. So it is more or less on for a while….I am encouraged to eat apples, jolly ranchers, and pralines to pull it off so cutting it off isn’t necessary.)

San Miguel: There were many highlights, some I have already described.IMG_8024.JPG Dinner at Camie and Larry’s house with their current interim preacher and his wife, Ken and Linda, and Chris and Al. Camie and I had a “Hen Party” and ‘my house’ one evening….I don’t even know if I can remember the names of people….some I knew from my water aerobics class (including Lucie Thomas, St. Paul’s interim priest); Hope (from the Monarch trip) and a chum who is a travel writer and artist; Leslie and her renter; a couple of writers, etc. I am still pleased that Fr. (?) Lucie said she could only stay a little while, but instead stayed the entire time….with the comment that these were some very interesting women!


I am letting go of sequencing events. On San Miguel’s Feast Day, Larry took Camie and me to The Restaurant for her birthday dinner. It was a great meal served in the middle of the most dramatic thunder and lightening storm and tons of rain. Most restaurants with patio seating have roofs that shut….otherwise we would have all drowned. It was a perfect evening in my book….that Larry is a prince and I like his taste in shirts. Before I met them I took lots of pictures (this one is not mine but came from Access San Miguel, I think.)of Indians dancing in the Jardin and the big papier-mâché people, —-?—.

If you take enough photos in San Miguel you WILL get some good ones eventually. There is always something big happenings….and September is a great month to go—if you can avoid the rain. Raul told me that Mexico has not had this much rain since they started measuring it in the 1500’s! I didn’t get to see any of the big firework displays and I am only slightly disappointed—Camie said her gardener, I think, lost an eye during a display. On San Miguel Day they shoot the fireworks out of the church area as a representation of St. Michael slaying the devil, dragon, or something! Anyway it is common for injuries to occur. Our plan to get up at 3:00 am and go to the Jardin didn’t materialize and I didn’t mind at all.

During the afternoon of St. Michael’s Day I walked up to the Jardin and there were hundreds and hundreds of cowboys on horses at a mass in front of the Parochia. Wow, that was so cool. Right after the cowboys rode off into the sunset, about 50 little kids came through with little papier-mâché figures rigged with firecrackers…this was pretty darned entertaining. A fuse is lit then runs up the pole to the puppet which ignites a series of deafening pops coming from the puppet’s orifices! The audience goes berserk chasing after the body parts! I think it is a good luck thing. That’s my version, anyway.

am15th.jpg IMG_8168.JPG

The Saturday before I left, Camie and I went to the Saturday Organic Market for breakfast IMG_8192.jpg then on to Annmarie Slipper’s gallery and home. She is the artist that did the huge abstract in Diane’s house over the dining room table. Her work is on ungalvanized tin—she uses smoke, rust and weird products like coca cola to get the chemistry going. She said that she likes the spontaneity—it is pretty darned dramatic. I like Annmarie and I love one painting in particular, Daughters of Sophia, Faith, Hope, and Love. I want it a lot. It is a composition she and her husband, Gary, did together. His work is very Heironymous Bosch-esque! There are lots of little faces emerging from the rust areas. It might scare some people.

I may think of more precious events but right now I think I want to make some generalizations. Rental property is more costly I think than it used to be…but then I have high standards as Camie likes to tell me.

I love the simplicity of life but I also believe this simplicity could drive you to drink if you lived there….What doesn’t drive me to drink? When I landed Len took me to Mighty Fine Burger joint at my request—it seemed so busy, so big, so commercial, etc. The simplicity is the magic and maybe the curse of San Miguel.

I am sleepy. I always think of the drinking song from Jaws….Show Me the Way to Go Home. Just read that Campbell and Connelly wrote it on a train from London. I love that kind of trivia. Well, I am …’tired and I want to go to bed.”


Sure hope I can go to the Writer’s Conference in February in San Miguel….I have to find out of any chums want to go…Camie has agreed to meet me in Mexico City for a quick look-about then escort me, more or less, to San Miguel on the bus so I will know how to do it on my own. Airfares from San Antonio to DF (Why do they call Mexico City that, I wonder? Maybe it is the airport code; it is also on the license plates?) are very, very reasonable. OK, I just re-read this and it is obvious that Camie made the remainder of my month memorable. I am a lucky woman that she is my sister in spirit and that she willingly gave me so much attention….it has to do with my neediness I’m certain.

I also want to go to Cuba and Argentina.

I think I might want a sip of Absolut Vanilla Vodka…..Len and I are going on a day trip to SAT tomorrow to see Mom, then I will go again on Wednesday—maybe for about 3-4 days.

News flash: Len and Diego are signed up for 6 weeks of Agility Training! My idea is that at the end of the 6 weeks, Len will be able to squirm through a tube and Diego will be giving succinct commands!index.jpg

Ah yes, I did not have to pay for the extra suitcase nor the two carry-ons…I also did not set off all the service dogs in the customs area….the vanilla beans made it! Now it is time to cut and paste this into ecto…..goodnight me.

Here is the very last sentence. Is it possible to write in a journal without always starting off with “I….?” AND here are some DOG photos to get out of my file and some nice photos of SMdA….Hen party photos will have to come IMG_8159.JPG IMG_8148.JPG tomorrow. IMG_8162.JPG

There are many white Wheaton dogs that are related in San Miguel and just as many dog walkers. Only a few living street cats.
IMG_7879.jpg IMG_8343.jpg IMG_7880.jpg IMG_7895.jpg IMG_8156.jpg IMG_8141.jpg IMG_7905.JPG


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