The Single Most Beautiful Day EVER Happening Right Now

Who knew a ‘cold’ front could be so fabulous? It has never been warmer than 75 F today and there is a soft little breeze. (I knew someone whose nickname was Cool Breeze…he was from Big Spring, TX, where a cool breeze is a good thing.) This is the kind of day you want to cry it is so perfect.

I am feeling wistful for a couple of reasons. Belinda had a good friend lose her battle with mean cancer, I have a friend from the chemo center that is losing her battle, and I am preparing to speak at the Bra Brunch Breast Caner Awareness Luncheon at the end of this month. Here is what I might talk about—I do not want to be presumptuous about others experiences nor do I want to appear cavalier….

  • All my life I feared cancer above everything else
  • Caught early in routine mammogram June 2011—name type of cancer and stage
  • Cancer almost always feels like an ambush
  • My journey not representative of all journeys
  • Roberta told me if it all goes well you will be at least inconvenienced fort a year….yup.
  • There are no rules of behavior
  • Some patients are information junkies; I trusted completely my doctor and my friends were the researchers
  • Attitude is in part predicated by how you feel
  • Oncotype test results in the middle for predicting success of chemo
  • My treatment: Allergic to chemo type—12 weekly treatments instead of 4-tri weekly treatments and 6 weeks of daily radiation (?)
  • Hair loss; long bones ached; wobbly; fatigue, & cried—hormone patch gone. Easy
  • The difference between a gift and a present….My advocates: Len, family, posse, and Susan for treatment; therapy, medical appointments
  • I loved the nurses and volunteer at the VCTC; my last day of chemo was my volunteer’s last day of ‘working’.
  • She inspired me. Within 2 weeks I was volunteering in the VCTC…best physical, mental, and emotional therapy for me. I am humbled at the degree of bravery and perseverance others demonstrate in chemo. It is a privilege to support patients and the staff, who demonstrates skill and compassion. Breast cancer will be conquered – must be vigilant about all the other ruthless cancers
  • Two years since my last treatment. Once you have cancer you know you are never really out of the woods, so I choose to live an easy life–
  • My volunteer’s cancer returned (not breast) she did not make it.

Now I am weepy.

One Response to “The Single Most Beautiful Day EVER Happening Right Now”

  1. Oh Susan, such a reminder to us all that we need to be grateful every minute of the day. And a further reminder that those of us who watch from a distance bear little of the anxiety and pain that those do who watch by the day. You will be an inspiration when you speak as you live from your heart.

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