Diego was Skunked

So this means that on this wonderful, rainy day, Len and I have been showering and de-skunking him…this is a messy enterprise. In the interim, I have been napping and napping.

I stayed up until 2:00 am watching a BBC series called New Tricks. It is a clever comedy/detective story…a fine tip from one of my library buddies.

Parent Care: Five of my close friends are involved in caring for a parent. The choice that each family makes is different. I think the hardest thing for Mom is making a choice. She really wants to die and sooner than later. She told me this past week that she surely wouldn’t live another year. Usually when she says this, we both cry. I tell her, “Quit it! I am ruining my make up.” Then we chuckle and let it go. I tell myself this is life training for me. I pray for a big truck hitting me—or dancing a pagan dance until I hit the floor—or going in the midst of a great dream.

I also pray for the grace my Mom has.

I went to SAT last Wednesday for the Sunshine Cottage Legacy Luncheon….that Belinda has landed a fabulous job and she is just right for them. She was beautiful, smart, and poised—I think they will love her if they don’t already. While I was there I ran into Mom’s former attorney—it is a small world.

I had a biopsy on some weird rash –the stitches are driving me nuts. I am boring myself. Going to bed.


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