I am Lovin’ Today—

It’s just one of those meatloaf and mashed potatoes kinda day….stay in the PJs till noon drinkin’ coffee and dreamin’ up little projects I may never get around to doin’. Yep, a meatloaf and mashed potato day. I made three pans….one large for Len and me, and two minis for Mom….I can’t wait till they are done. I am hungry—because today is the first day after day light savings switch over. And because I am always hungry.

Before I get too metaphoric I’d better capture the big events of this past week. The biggest – the Bra Brunch for Cancer IMG_8703.JPG IMG_8707.jpg Awareness. I am proud to say I never had stage fright although I did talk about it


before hand and sought out prayerful buddies…maybe that is why I didn’t have stage fright and that like Ann said, “Who could say I was wrong?” It was my story and I did a good job….I even got a standing ovation. I used these photos to depict the journey. The best surprise was seeing Dr. L., my surgeon, who at one time was a chunky fellow…Shazaaaam, he is thin as a reed now and looking like a hottie! I wonder if he had banding, he looks good and loved being complimented. They auctioned off the bras the men wore and I bought his for $150.00. Actually, it was the least cute of all the bras. Each man modeled while the MC described the bra by name and what the model’s reason for his passion about breast cancer. It was all done appropriately and raised money for the American Cancer Association. All the survivors in attendance signed this pumpkin for me….I love it. I also had the posse gals sign it.


I went back to San Antonio for another doctor appointment for Mom…It is the right thing to do but it sure is a lot of interstatetravel. I get to stop at Buckees coming and going and that means a Watermelon Icee. Very tasty.


Len and I went over to the Bell County Expo today for some AKC Dog Agility viewing. Diego would be so good at this if we were good trainers. Alas we aren’t He is sitting in his newly-purchased Mexican chair…but only for treats. He needs a bigger chair!

On Halloween, the nurses and I dressed up for the patients—When I would go up to a chair, I would say, “I am Miss Kitty from Gunsmoke.” They always said, “We know.” Must be my alter ego.


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