A Touching Subject

For the past 5-6 years precious Lolly has suffered degrees of memory loss. During our travels from 2003-2009 her condition worsened to the point where she could no longer travel. I was sort of a maniac about not openly discussing it with anyone but Nina…soon enough it was apparent to all. The rest is just plain heartbreak. Dear Tommy cared for her as did others—particularly Patsy H and Nina B…and I am sure others but these two in particular. Tommy, Patsy, and Nina would bring Lolly to Wednesday Birthday lunch and also the monthly Birthday Club Soirees. During this time she was able to participate haltingly…she always asked me the same questions, “How’s your Mom?” or “How’s Len?” or “When are we going on another trip?”…a few minutes later she would start the questions again. Certain habitual mannerisms became obvious to us but not to her—but she was always loved, protected, and cherished, for that matter. Most of the time she was very social and mostly it was a predictable happy routine. We watched over her, ordered her meals, etc. This is not to point out how good we were just that it was something that needed to happen and we all love(d) her so much it was a joy to do just to be with her. Time was against her and she continued to digress and finally becoming very agitated at home. Brad and Kelly helped Lolly relocate to a beautiful facility in Georgetown. She has lived there for about eight months. Her loving family and the staff requested no visitors until she became acclimated. Some days are better than others for Lolly and sometimes visits distress her.


Yesterday, Erin, Lolly’s youngest granddaughter produced a dessert reception in honor of Lolly. The following is a story from the Killeen Daily Herald written by Madison Lorenzo, photos by Jodi Perry.


Community members, including friends and relatives of the Buckley family, gathered at the Clifton Park Elementary School library Sunday afternoon for Lollipops for Lolly, a dessert reception to benefit victims of Alzheimer’s, a disease that has afflicted Ellison High School senior Erin Buckley’s grandmother, Lolly Buckley.

Erin Buckley spent months preparing for the event, as a project for her Leadership Academy course in school. “I wanted to do something personal to me,” Erin Buckley said. As for the turnout, “I was shocked,” she said.

Her family attended the reception in support of her work, with more than 100 people coming through the event, said her mom, Susan Buckley. “It was standing room only. We’re extremely proud of Erin,” she said.

Erin Buckley gave a presentation on the state of Alzheimer’s research.


Hosting the reception at Clifton Park Elementary was a natural choice. Lolly Buckley taught at the school for more than 20 years, said Principal Catherine Snyder….All of the $5,643 worth of donations collected at the reception will be sent to the Alzheimer’s Association, which seeks a cure to the disease, while enhancing the lives of those who have it.”

The Birthday Club made and served the desserts. EHS students designed the T-shirts. Erin’s great-grandmother, Annie Roe was there too. It was a a beautiful tribute to Lolly. I feel like I would like to say more but there is nothing to say. Alzheimer’s is the cruelest and the meanest. Lolly was independent, smart, focused, good hearted, and a dear friend. She remains dear.



3 Responses to “A Touching Subject”

  1. As usual, your words are perfect…just enough said about our journey with Lolly through this terrible disease. We will continue the journey with her and continue to support her, her family and each other. There are many circles of friends and circles of influence. Lollipops for Lolly was an example of not only circles of friends; but circles of family, and connections, connections, connections. I am re-learning, through this journey, the importantance of relationships. I reconnected with Lolly’s Aunt Dolores. As you know, Lolly is names after her. We had the most wonderful telephone visit…she had not had news of Lolly for over a year and was desperate for anything I could tell her. I emailed her and texted her pictures and the link to the newspaper and she was so grateful. I connected her back to Tommy, too. It was a wonderful Monday afternoon! Susan, thank you so very much for many, many things…being in my life, in Lolly’s life, for helping us protect her and for your unconditional friendship. You know that I can laugh with you like no other…we need another road trip! I love you, Suz…Nina

  2. Lou Ann Weaks Says:

    A horrible disease. I did not personally know Lolly but felt like I did through your conversations about her and your travels. This article brings tears to my eyes and to my heart.

  3. I taught with Lolly in 1973-74 at Clifton Park. So sad to think of this horrible disease and its toll on such a vivacious energetic lady.
    Carla Stacy Trussell

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