The Holidays with the Santa Krals

Most of the time Len and I have a fairly low-key to non-existent holiday social life. I always want to do more but the reality is we usually just don’t have too many places to go. But this year has been different. Well, maybe we haven’t been so many places as there has been a lot going on. There has been Lolly’s reception, birthday club, happy hours and Mah Jongg.


AND, I’m usually sad and cranky during the holidays but not this year. OK, not as much as usual. Yvonne Gilbert and I hosted the December birthday girls….Patsy C and Carrol Jean were the birthday queens. Last year Lolly was with us…OK, I think the girls had a good time. Nina was hilarious summarizing some of the darker aspects of our aging…including the contents of a disaster kit. I’d carry one but I’d need a backpack to hold everything! I love this picture of Lolly…she was going to her high school reunion and I think it was last year or the year before. I THINK Nina and I helped her buy that top. IMG_9214.jpg

I baled out of volunteering Tuesday…and now I feel guilty, of course. I wanted to play Mah Jongg (Why? I guess I like getting whipped! I am on another losing streak.).

Right after Christmas I MUST do repairs on the dollhouse and make plans to transport it to Miss Hattie’s. The thought of calling all over to find a roomy vehicle isn’t interesting to me. I think I will start with U-Haul because they will definitely have something even if it is expensive.

Now I am in SAT—I will do Mom’s shopping and Christmas shopping too. Currently the plan is for the SAT team to come to our house…I don’t know for certain if that means Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. I’m thinking it will be David’s decision. I have to get around that.

Len and I talked it over and discovered we can’t really afford to get a condo at the Broadway…at least not a two-three bedroom. I don’t know that I could cope in a one bedroom….here is what I want to do…look at the condos a block east on New Braunfels. They are older and not so luxurious…but who knows, I haven’t ever been inside nor do I know if any units are available. Well, I just looked, and there are a few available but they are even more expensive and they are much older.

I received a Christmas letter from Tish acknowledging receipt of the holy cards. She was good natured about doling them out to the El Campo Catholics….I know this is the best place for my pretty prayer cards. I loved collecting them and I love letting them go to her flock. AND I loved hearing from her and getting an update on her family. We had great times in graduate school. It makes me sad to lose track of friends that played such an important part of my life.

Diego was skunked again and it is getting really old. This time we gave him his bath outside….it was freezing and we had stripped down so we wouldn’t smell of skunk…it was bad for all three of us. Turns out the skunk had sprayed our bedroom window! Len washed it but it still requires more strong cleaning. Diego went to the doggie spa the next day…shampoo and set and pedicure. He is handsome again.

Today Belinda and I had lunch out at Neiman-Marcus’ restaurant….good checking in on our households, families, books, etc. Then I went to Soft Surroundings then Barnes and Noble. I am not too interesting.


One Response to “The Holidays with the Santa Krals”

  1. I had a lovely time at December Birthday gathering! I loved all the pinging around we did from subject to subject. What hilarious stories were told…and the stories shared that included Lolly. fun, fun, fun! Laughter is great medicine!!
    Yes, we helped Lolly buy that top at Christy’s in Salado. Our lunch group helped her shop for the events of her 50th Killeen High School Reunion. She bought 2 outfits…I had money and a credit card fromTommy. Before each event I went to her house and helped her get dolled up, took her pic, and shared with you and Kelli. She looked adorable at the reunion.
    I loved Diego at our party…he is a great dog and smart…had such fun! Thanks so much for hosting!!

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