Mexico City, Federal District!

Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 2.00.39 PM.pngOK, Mexico City. I have never been there before and I was kinda nervous about it. Did I really expect gunfights in the street? It was beautiful and about as scary as San Antonio! We stayed at the Red Tree House in the Condessa District. I love that B&B … really a boutique hotel. The inn was very modern and comfortable with interesting travelers. Two fellows own it—the service was impeccable. The residential neighborhood is pretty and complete with good restaurants. I want to go back. Oh, and only $115.00 per night for two people. Camie is a great travel companion!


Camie was in charge…she likes that ☺! She asked me what I wanted to do in the City. “I only want to see Frieda Kahlo’s house,” I said forcefully. Her prompt reply, “No, we aren’t going there. Too much traffic and not worth it.” I appreciate a bossy woman. So she made great choices for me and I was thrilled with what we did. We went to the Palacio de Bellas Artes for a symphony concert/marionette show; The Templo Mayor; the Soumayo Museum (divine architecture); and the Palacio National de Mexíco. I know we went other places too. Cute Aztec boys smudged away our bad spirits, influences, and toxins with Artemisia californica and Artemisia vulgaris (Sounds like it should be in a porn movie)…but really just sagebrush and mugwort.)—that was cool. I like to see muscular men prance around…it certainly lifted my spirits!








Meals—good. Camie and I were in agreement that we didn’t need to find gourmet restaurants. Camie swears I gave her my stomach issues. I was feely plucky again and pleased to glut on green juice, B&B breakfast, Italian, and yummy soups at a neighborhood eatery, the Special.

Then the first class ETN buss to San Miguel….Camie kept referring to goats and chickens…ha. It was so comfortable. Reserved seats, boxed lunch, Wi-Fi, reclining seats, and individual monitors for movies and music channels. I was very content….I slept half of the four hour ride. We taxied from the bus station to Garza y Huertas (The corner where Casa Sands is located.) to find Larry and the critters waiting. Larry had a fragrant chicken soup ready for us.   

OK, I’ve decided to make this one entry since The Conference has enough meat to stand alone.

Meanwhile I have had an issue with ecto the blogging software again. I had to buy another license which is fine but I think I am going to have to resent font defaults, etc and that makes me cranky. Humph.

One Response to “Mexico City, Federal District!”

  1. Camie sands Says:

    So happy to relive by this blogg our wonderful time. You do a good job of capturing it. Especially my bossiness!

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