Other Great Moments in San Miguel

IMG_9660.jpgOne of the first days in San Miguel Larry, Dennis y Gaye and I went to Ron y Fred’s house for Ron’s birthday party…another special house in a new neighborhood…new to me! There were lots of folks but not so many that I knew. I can’t remember where Camie was…maybe a writing class or? But it was a nice birthday party. I also saw G and D one night for dinner with Larry and Camie….Very reasonable comfort food…I remember that Larry had lasagna but I have no idea what I ate…Dennis told me about a book he and Gaye edited…While cleaning out his grandmother’s attic, he discovered her notes about her grandmother, Levenia. D y G edited the notes, self-published, and now it is a well-thought of book in mining circles. I am eager to read it….he asked me to do a review when I’ve finished reading it. It is called No Wealth for Levnia. I think there is no e at the end of Gay’s name.

IMG_9814.jpgIMG_9813.jpgIMG_9798.jpg I also saw Gay at their book club—their book selection was Flight Behavior. No surprise I came on like a real blatherskite….a very cool word, I think. Since Camie and I had been to the butterfly reserve we had lots to contribute. There were about 7 women there….Leslie and Camie and Fr. Michael’s son’s mother-in-law. Very curious interactions. I didn’t have any clean jeans so I wore my PJ bottoms! They look like yoga pants…but still and all I think I may be getting just a wee bit eccentric. Not so much as Barbara P who wore a tiered feather skirt to the literary conference for a keynote presentation…sort of reasonable since she was on her way to a 60’s party afterwards. Back to the book club. These events are interesting no matter where they are….DYNAMICS are so intriguing. Fortunately I don’t believe in trying to be too smart there at least….and a good thing too! Lolly used to say when she had no idea what either Susan L or I was talking about—“You are soooo deep.” Ha!

We had lovely meals prepared by Larry, who I am nominating for some kind of Man Award. Larry cooked for us and took us out to dinner several times. He is my banker (giving pesos for checks), shoe advisor, National Geographic TV colleague, and travel agent. I loved giving Len reports on Larry’s hospitality as broad hints—Len said he would be happy to cook gruel for anyone. Gruel is his specialty…always hamburger, onions, jalapeños, and tomatoes—all stewed together for hours….he has been known to throw in fish sticks for variety!

While I was in SMdA, Diane sent me an email invitation to dog/house sit again in September. Len advised me to decline the offer….I agreed, it is too much responsibility and rather expensive to be the exclusive caretaker and to come only when she chooses. She suggested we have breakfast at the Instituto..one of my favorite places for green juice and other breakfast goodies….Jake came and was appropriately glad to see me…and also tried to tear the leg off one of the waiters. He doesn’t like some men. This means vigilance is required when walking him. I am glad D and I had a chance for face to face…I told her why I was declining the offer and consequently she modified the fee to only expenses which I think means phone and extras…

The Killeen chums have expressed an interest and almost a commitment to go for DoD in October. They want us to all be in once house so I guess that means renting and not participating in the Community Church tour. I think they would looooove the events but I don’t even know if it will happen this year. Well, I suppose we can go to La Gruta or the other spa, maybe go on a house tour with the Biblioteca, shop, have a cocktail party, maybe get in the Catarina parade…who knows…I must put my head to this with Camie. I am so sad with her—two days after I left SMdA, Camie’s Mom, Marilyn, suffered a fatal stroke. Cami’e been there for a couple of weeks and maybe Larry’s there now. I am prayerful that all proceeds softly. In addition, Barry, her brother is just starting some very mean chemotherapy.

Back to reflections…one night we went to see Monument Men at the shopping mall theater….so very American except fir the subtitles in Spanish and English and German! We had so many naps….very good for me there but when I get home I am ruined. Andy, Dusty, Daisy, and Cat Stevens were often my nap mates. They flattered me indiscriminately for treats. I like that trade off. IMG_9846.JPG


So that is an incomplete recounting of SM….Oooops, wait. Another highlight…when I am lucky, I get to go to Casa Verde…this being the second time and I go alone…I am such a big girl—certainly wearing the big girl panties. OK, Casa Verde un Oasis de Arte is run by a couple of arty/artists. Bea and Steven produce art and they present regularly scheduled lectures in a little theater in Colonia San Antonio. Béa gave the lecture I attended, Desire and Voluptuoness: The Representation of Women in the Victorian Era! Those stoic and staid men….turned them in to hounds from hell on the dark end…Jack the Ripper, etc. All those innocent, languishing sirens just fanned the fires of the art patrons! Damn good lecture. Béa’s web page states, “After savoring this eye-candy self-indulging, superficial tour of delicate Victorian erotica, I then looked more closely at all these women, and noticed an insidious melancholic, depressive mood, which made me feel ill at ease and startled my curiosity. I couldn’t stop thinking of their state of mind in an era during which which women were objectified, used and abused for the pleasure, comfort and security of a deep anchored patriarchal society.” Whew…then she brought in a lot of sociology and history. Well done to the packed house—we gave her a standing ovation.




One Response to “Other Great Moments in San Miguel”

  1. Nina Bible Says:

    I read in both the black background and the new white one. I always love your writing, and blatherskite that I am, adore your choice of words!!! Love my new vocabulary word…will add it to the SMdA Word Wall! Do you know Cathe Dailey in San Miguel! Rod knows her and stopped to see her as he drove from Ziuah to Austin. I believe she owns a restaurant?

    I am so looking to my week with Becky…am tired and need alone time with another kindred spirit and my true BFF. I will miss seeing you and am wanting to see Diego!!!! He is so smart!!

    Hi to Len, Diego, and Mickey!!!

    Sent from my iPad


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