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Great Wedding and Lots of Buddies to See

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Lila’s wedding was just perfect. She was radiant just like brides are supposed to be! I was pleased and flattered that Ann asked me to pick up Lila’s dress and deliver it. OMG, I thought what if I get in a wreck? But all went well. Safely delivered. It was fun to see the beautiful venue before the excitement started. I came home to dress and meet Belinda. We had a fabulous time. The venue was just exceptional…The Florence Vineyard and Winery. Ann and Gerald have a lot to be proud about!

Great food and drink and lots of former KISD chums to see.

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More Musings

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Moving right along through my bullets and some new bullets:

Annie Roe Honored at the KISD Federation

Two Birthday Club Dinners

Book Thief Book Club Here

Republican Women’s Luncheon and Common Attributes of Politicos.

Friends Moving On

Spring is here

Can You Have Too Many Bouquets

For a while I was tooooooo busy. I was saying yes to everything and it was easy to say yes to everything because it was all fun stuff—but finally I have had to say enough. I am taking a social life sabbatical. I am never going to lose weight if I eat lunch out nearly every day.

While I was over-rocking I had two birthday dinners in 9 days…fun…and then Annie Roe was honored at the Killeen ISD Foundation Reception. She is beautiful, loving, and gracious—Lolly valued her totally as a mother in law and mother stand in. While at the reception I loooooved seeing old KISD chums….

Also that week I attended my first ever Republican Women’s Luncheon. It was amazing how many women I knew….since I sorta, more or less, kinda avoid talking about politics…so I happily don’t know who is what. The food was great…and the speaker was horrid. AND I am sure he had no idea what group he was addressing. He talked about a local college career-training program. Everyone, and I mean everyone, kept looking around trying to get it. I could have stood up and talked about Diego for 30 minutes and been more interesting.

While I am thinking of the politicos…It occurs to me that both right AND left zealots are equally passionate and self-righteous. It turns me off totally. I have never heard of any Republican or Democrat crusading so that they change the other’s stance. Jackie says I am a zealot moderate. That works.

This past Tuesday I was hostess and facilitator of our evening Salado Book Club. Book Thief was an easy book to discuss—albeit the 3rd or 4th WWII Nazi book. I donned my German dirndl….that I bought about 4 years ago in the old country. It still had the tags on it. I put it


on about 20 minutes before the gals were to arrive—pleading with Len to take photos. I might add that when I told him I was thinking of wearing it he said, “Do you think you can still get in it?” He clearly recalls the big bosoms then let alone now. Well, it fit and I wore it. Book club girls don’t give a whit about the big bosoooooms. I think Len and I should have an Oktorberfest this year so I can wear my dirndl again.

I served Kartoffelpuffers (potato pancakes), Gurkensalat (German cucumber salad), eingelegte Rüben (pickled beets), and Bienenstich Kuchen (Beesting cake). Oh and lots of Riesling. It was pretty darned tasty if I do say so. I am forgetting something else.

Another one of my long-time friends is moving. Soon enough I will be the only person from the Happy Hour group left. I guess that means drinking alone. Here is the current list of those going or gone. Lawsons, Miasakas, Campbell, Dentons, and Millicans. I guess I should have had children. If something happens to Len, I think I will go to The Villages to be close to Stephanie. I can’t say that I really like it there but where else? San Antonio or San Miguel part time would work for me but not owning property. I think if I have to move somewhere else, it has to have a St. in the name. San Antonio, San Francisco, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Santa Fe, etc. I hate feeling left behind. Oh, and it needs to be some place cool. I am done with hot.


IMG_0232.JPGSpring is here….there is oak pollen everywhere and I have another nasty, spring, itchy, skin irritation…as usual on my neck. I smear cortisone cream all over. I sneeze in blasts of threes, and my left eye waters until noon. BUT the good news is that it is beautiiiiiiiiiiful outside. I cooked my first two artichokes from the 2014 garden. The beets, corn, cucumbers, onions, are flourishing. The peach trees have embryonic fruitlings. Bluebonnets are everywhere. Storms are starting to make their marks.

Oh yes. The storms. Well, this past week Len’s brother, Skip and wife, Willie came through in their new motor home….not a trailer, as Len called it and was promptly corrected. It is one nice form of transport. While they were here we had a fairly mild storm, still a storm. So they wouldn’t get stuck, Len suggested they move it down by the gate. Then the real spooky hail came. Not good for motor homes for sure. Our next-door neighbor offered to let them park the RV in her barn. It seemed like a good idea until the next day when they were preparing to leave. Rain had leaked into the barn. I didn’t see any of this but apparently it didn’t take long to get stuck. A tow truck was called—it became stuck. A second tow truck was called to pull everyone out. Lots of drama. The three little teacup dogs were pretty IMG_0225.JPG spooked too. Skip managed to get on dry land then they headed out to West Texas. There’s a possibility S&W may come back in May on their way home to NJ. Willie and I had a very good shopping episode at Christy’s and Magnolias.   

“My” nurses gave me flowers last week. I love those gals. AND then there is Len who is a generous and loving husband. In addition to hiding $20.00 bills for me every Friday (Like an Easter Egg Hunt), he brings me flowers frequently. Very frequently. Recently, I pointed out that there were so many arrangements; the place was starting to look like a funeral parlor. Not the worst thing for sure.

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I am Behind in Life and It Feels Like I Only Have Minutes Left to Live!

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The expression ‘Only minutes left to live…’ is something I heard on Downton Abbey when the character felt rushed….nothing gloomy. I believe I last wrote in my journal nearly 3 weeks ago. Too much has happened so I doubt this will be more than a summary of events…and really there were quite a few big deals.

Here are what topics I need to cover:

Brother Bill’s Heart Issues

Mom Falling

Conversations with Mom at 2:00 AM

• Annie Roe Honored at the KISD Federation

• Two Birthday Club Dinners

Book Thief Book Club Here

• Republican Women’s Luncheon

• What the Left and Right Politicos have in common

• Old Friends Moving On

• Visiting Lolly

• It is Spring Len’s Generosity with Flowers

• Skip and Willie Visit in the Motor Home with Three Teacup Dogs Drama

• Camie says I am Addicted to Cat/Kitten Porn

OK, all of this occurred in less than three weeks. So, I will start with a spontaneous day trip to see Mom…As I was visiting with her Bros. Bill came in and said he was going to the urgent care doctor—he was having fluttering feelings and just wanted to get it checked. No need for concern he said…he just had some time and thought this was a way to get it checked fast and is on his way. This I knew would not be the case. The spontaneous day trip turned into an overnight trip. Of course, the urgent care folks sent him on to ER and he ended up staying overnight. Bill was not satisfied with the way he was kept overnight because they indicated he might be able to have his already scheduled heart catheterization done while he was there – then they wouldn’t do it. I think he felt duped. He did not have a heart attack. So I stayed the night with Mom and planned to come back the next Friday to take him for the heart procedure.

After Mom went to bed, and after her prayers (I am privileged to hear them from across the house), she starts this horrid coughing. I really thought she might die. I took her some water and she said all was well. Then as I walked back to my bedroom, she called my name. I turned around and she had fallen. I got her up and into the living room so she could sit in her chair and perhaps get some relief from the coughing. We sat there and visited. Now it is 2:00 am. At 3:00 she sent me off to bed. During this conversation she covered a lot of territory. She did a lot of reminiscing about the nursing home days, old friends, etc. At some point she told me a story about when she was in nursing school at OU. She said there was a Black housekeeper that worked at night. She always smiled at Mom and of course, Mom would be very friendly and polite. One night the janitoress asked, “Honey, can I touch your cheek? Your skin looks like it could bust it is so smooth.” That is some memory after 70 years.

I returned four days later to take Bill for the heart catheterization. It was good news all the way. The obstruction identified during the CT scan is not dangerous and Bill has a great heart….no worries except he can’t take any more over-the-counter supplements and needs to take something for anxiety. Good call.


I took advantage of the happy brother drugging and managed to extort coveted items and promises while he was feeling giddy. I also put a turban on him made from a scarf I just happened to have. You have to take advantage of the moment.

I think the font on this is going to be tooooooo small. I will have to write more tomorrow when I get back from SAT. I am taking Mom a pre-Easter lunch. Now I have to wash my hair and find some clothes that make me look thin. Mom notices!