I Bet This Summer Will Be ScorchingUntitled 1

Six days in Florida. One day of sunshine. Five days of real rain….all day rain….and sometimes torrential rain. None of this slowed us down. We just talked and laughed more and more. I actually enjoyed it. IMG_0345.jpg

In terms of outings, we did pretty much the same things we usually do. We went to Ocala through the horse country, Mt Dora for lunch at the Goblin Market Restaurant, and a movie (The Railway Man) at the Rialto Theater. Duh, I sat through the entire movie, reallllllly liking it and never remembered that our book club read it maybe in 2010. Five minutes I can’t remember, let alone five years.


I love Steph so. Over the years we have referred to ourselves as Old Socks. Something I read in a British novel ions ago…we are just so comfortable with each other. Sarge was a prince, of course. He picked me up in Orlando and poured endless bottles of champagne for us. I am not sure what exactly is so hilarious but we cover so much it is hard to know. This year I went to a neighborhood happy hour. This was a first. So, now I understand why Steph isn’t so keen on it. I saw the cutest little family of Sandhill Cranes. I just love the little guy. IMG_0343.jpg

Ok, so I said it rained. That of course had hair implications. The second day I was there, Stephanie said, “Tomorrow I will blow out your hair.” I was thrilled. Immediately I had tiny, frizzy ringlets. Awful, awful, awful looking hair. So next day bright and early, the blow out began. After five minutes. Steph said, “ I can’t do it.” She cuts hair for the entire neighborhood plus hers and she couldn’t do mine. I told her that Edward says I have ‘mean’ hair. She agrees. My hair was hideous until the morning I left. I am not so sure I am going to let it grow out. IMG_0371.jpg

Steph has had a serious need to get out of the heat in the summers. So, we have decided to use our travel money to go to San Francisco in July…Len and Sarge both joined the Marine Memorial Club so we can take advantage of their great rates, services, and location. AND they have reciprocal agreements with other clubs all over the US and Europe. We are getting a suite so my snoring won’t drive her nuts and she can shore up and do her yoga whenever. We like this plan. Originally we were thinking of going to Michigan but it just seemed we didn’t know where to go or what to do. San Francisco is good. It damned well better be cool!

Just finished making reservations for Philly-Boston. Len and I will fly into PA, stay with Suz and Bill, then train to Boston to see Carol and Al for just a few days then home. So it is starting to shape up for a busy summer.

Wednesday I drive to San Angelo to set up the doll house at Miss Hattie’s. I am interested to case the joint. Sure do hope it is a good place for my little house to live out it’s years.

I love Antique Roadshow. Love it. I swear if I am ever on the show and given a hefty appraisal, I will NOT say ‘WOW.’

I just went out to the garden. Max has a good stand of corn, green beans, potatoes, and onions; I am surprised, not so many beets! How will I barter with folks? The artichokes are really producing and no carrots at all! What happened? Last year I had tons of carrots. Max did say that he thought he would need to replant. I think he forgot.

OK. Not feeling a fleck of humor tonight. Len’s TV just lost the audio so I think he will be in my den pretty soon. No audio, this is very big.

IMG_0370.jpg IMG_0358.jpg


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