I Used to Say I Wanted to be Hit by a Mack Truck Rather Than A Long Lengthy Illness. Not.

I have no idea what happened. None. I’ve been asked so many times, “What happened?” I don’t know.

Wednesday morning I left the house at 8:00 am for San Angelo so I could set the dollhouse at Miss Hattie’s Bordello Museum. I stopped in Kempner for a big ol’ raisin roll. While exiting Richland Springs, wham….I find myself hurling onto the easement facing the opposite direction. The three airbags on my side went off…truly shock is just that. I was stuck in a moment that seemed to last for ever. I am tired of thinking about it and reliving it. I have no recollection of any impact. IMG_0400.JPG

There are some very kind people in the world. A nurse named Candy was first on the scene, I think. Then Mando in shorts, athletic shoes, and wearing a lanyard with a whistle was there….I guessed right away he was a coach. There was a school across the street. Then others who were volunteer EMS who worked at the school were all there asking me questions. Could I move my toes, where was I hurt, etc. I asked Candy to call Len. She fished out my phone from the broken glass and made the call. I had a little blood from a scratch on my nose and my arms were bruising fast from the airbags and glass. The side window was smashed out. The long and short of it—the volunteer firemen cut the driver’s door off to get me out. They put me in a neck collar then somehow slid a board under me and then off I went to the ER in Lampassas’ Rollins Brook Hospital- a 45-minute ride with ET Jacob. I was still so stunned. I best remember him talking to the ER before we got there. He gave them my vital signs and said, “She is feisty and well-oriented.” That’s as good of a compliment as I will ever get.

Len came directly to the hospital. After Xrays and lab work, I was pronounced ok…with the promise of soreness to come. Drugs were prescribed. Len and I ate burgers at Storm’s Famous Burgers then drove to San Saba to see where the car had been towed. This was the 3rd time someone said I was lucky to be alive including the Trooper at the scene and the Doctor in the ER…based on the car’s condition. I turned weepy at these comments. I learned that the a truck driver was also involved; he was fine…I surmised that the truck was big…sometimes referred to as a dump truck and another time as an 18-wheeler. I still have no idea what kind of vehicle it was. I never saw the front of a truck…there was a trailer carrying a big yellow construction vehicle.   

I am home, I am fine, I have no soreness, I have taken no drugs, and I have a new car. I am tired and I am going to bed.

I am blessed and so grateful. I want to think about all my blessings. I don’t want the cognitive awe to pass. I will say that I KNOW I am blessed and I am enormously grateful…but I do find it odd that I don’t FEEL a giant rush. Weird. Shock, I guess. Len is a saint.

Thursday Len and I went to Austin and bought a new Lexus.

IMG_0413.JPG IMG_0405.JPG IMG_0403.jpg IMG_0417.JPG

2 Responses to “I Used to Say I Wanted to be Hit by a Mack Truck Rather Than A Long Lengthy Illness. Not.”

  1. camie sands Says:

    I’m glad you’re still with us – and feisty and well oriented.

  2. Nina Bible Says:

    As I told you in several texts, I am so grateful that you are fine. Love you much, Suz! I agree with Cami, feisty and oriented to time and space are good!

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