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Just Quilt Photos…Not The Run of the Mill Quilts Either

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Journaling Long Overdue

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I am sitting in the den with Mom. She is reading the paper…I cannot talk to her much more than a minute because it hurtsmy vocal cords so much to scream and even then she can’t hear me. She often has a baffled look on her face. I get it so much but it doesn’t help to get it if I can’t do anything about it. Much like loving Lolly.


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I have been here and yon since I wrote last. We were in Swathmore, PA with Susan and Bill for a couple of days and several more with Carol and Al in Oxford. Both places are very easy to visit. I was able to participate in Winnie’s birthday tea party…I loved the hat and dress requirement. This is the very first time I have had real time with the Lawson grandkids….Katie and Christopher did a good job producing offspring.

After years of listening to Foy talk about Winterthur, I was able to go. AND I am eager for a return visit after the exterior restoration is complete. This is a place I will never tire of seeing. I loved seeing the Downton Abbey Costume exhibit…I think it is funny how Americans are so totally hooked on this PBS series and I gather that the Brits are sorta so-so about it. Kind of like the Japanese with Ann of Green Gables. I believe it represents so kind of cultural deficit. I don’t know and it really doesn’t matter—it was cool to see the costumes and in addition we saw a Campbell’s soup tureen exhibit!

Another highlight was the train to Boston—this time a first class ticket that was a blast! In many ways like Winnie’s tea party—all about pretending to be who we are not. I loved the ride, the comfort, the service, the people, and the non-stop prosecco.

We arrived to Main Street in Oxford to the bosom of family. I think Main Street, Oxford, should be the title of a mini-series about my fabulous in-laws. I love being there and I adore them. Before going, I asked Carol if we could have at least an hour and a half to ourselves….it didn’t happen but it didn’t stop us from having good visits. Len drove us all over and that was fun….Len should start a chauffeur business!

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We did our usual happy activities in New England. A trip to Maine where we enjoyed a big stop in at the Stonewall Kitchen Shop and Cooking School. Lucky Carol she has already signed up for a class. We missed President George Sr/s birthday jump by a mere 41 minutes. We took photos across to the Bush compound and wondered why there were so much activity including TV trucks. Len and I had a modest breakfast at the Oxford Dinner. Under that pound of ham are eggs and potatoes.

After leaving oxford Len and I did a quick visit to Boston—really just the North End and the Boston Museum of Fine Arts…a fab quilt exhibit I read about on the train. Photos next entry.

I have been so lazy about writing… that when I do write it is chronicling not journaling. Today I will edit earlier entries at the request of beloved Camie. She knows I am doing it for her!

Looks to me like I need to go to the library so I can get an internet connection. I swear Mom’s house is a bunker. I can’t pick up any other networks and I can’t use my little hot spotconnector ever!

I just asked Mom if she would like to go on a ride this afternoon. OH YES. I think it might be fun to drive over to the old Normandy Terrace Nursing Home to let her see how it is fairing and to reminisce. Then maybe checking out the south side of SAT.

Two days later:

I am at the library but not in SAT—rather our precious Salado Library. We have had lousy internet reception for a week so here I can be comfortable and get to the web too. AND, I am downloading a free book that I believe I can listen to in the car. I am under a black cloud of technology. Everything I do that involves a computer won’t work. My phone is sloooooow, my car is too sophisticated for my capabilities, and I have lost all relevance. I will not be beaten. I need my Mac coach but she has a real job that makes it nearly impossible to get here out here.

I did take Mom out to see Normandy Terrace. It is still a lovely building and maintained beautifully at least from the outside. This was so good for Mom she had a chance to reflect and retell memories. Later that day I came home to find Betty there visiting with Mom so they were reliving some of their antics. Betty has been a steadfast friend to Mom. I believe it is hard to stay connected over the years. I get really weird about this.

Speaking of getting weird: I have noticed that the medication weaning is going OK only. I feel much more connected but I am starting to be weepy again and its much easier for me to feel miffed, rejected, and sullen. Not good. I tell myself over and over, take it a day at a time.

I just had lunch with Jackie. One on one is the best visit I can have. We laughed a lot, listened a lot, and I cried not too much. It was the ‘Mother Talk’ that did it. I want to get through this week so I can focus on exercise and healthy eating.

While in SAT, Baby David was home with his girlfriend—Billy cooked dinner and brought Regina so it was a special night—I had never met either of the ‘gals’. Both are very nice. I can only imagine how awkward it might have been for them. I drank a good deal and tried to be a good sister/hostess. I actually prayed before hand that I would do it well. I doubt that I was much more than nice but I wasn’t the Mean Girl I am often considered by Brother Bill and Baby David.

I was going to write more but I am feeling uninspired….seems like the stories are all kind a dark—Churchill’s black dog wants to follow me. Most all of this is about Mom. I feel so guilty that I pray for her release. She is not sick just 99.99% disabled. She sometimes wants to move into a nursing home but then she doesn’t and who can blame her for that! I told her she could come up here and we could build her a little house. A good idea if she would have agreed 10 years ago.

She had another nasty fall and fortunately nothing more than a giant bruise. I don’t think she weighs more than 95 pounds—literally, she is skeletal. I know watching her decline has lessons built in for me. I have to make the lessons count.