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A Serious Day of Putzing

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I haven’t written in ages. More and more I put off writing; no excuse; no interest. It looks like I won’t be another Pearl S. Buck after all. In about an hour I need to be coiffed, buffed, and girded so I can head for the El Chico’s in Killeen for the June birthday soiree.

Meanwhile I have put in a full Home Ecesque day. I picked figs, planted 10 ferns, made a vat of this year’s potatoes into salad, emptied the dishwasher, and yesterday I made fig preserves for Mom……and more things I can’t recall….and I don’t give a damn. Just a little aggression there.

So what needs to be noted since July 5th? I do a lot of errands and if there is ever a career I am best suited to do–it is errand running. I like a good list of menial tasks and I love scratching them off the list. Since the last entry I have mostly readied myself for the big very big San Francisco outing with Stephanie. I have no idea when we started this travel fund…maybe 6 or 7 years ago….we each contribute $300.00 a year into our savings account. Over the years we have made small withdrawals for airfare to visit each other but this is the first big trip. We had one mutual goal: to be cool. So we had a week in SF at the Marine Memorial Hotel…on Mason and Sutter just about two blocks from Union Square. IMG_1072.jpg


This is a great hotel for the money – not at all a ritzy place—pretty much high-end, BOQ. Lots of chandeliers, swags, and leather—but over and over a great location, huge, made-to order, never-ending breakfast and a 4-6 free happy hour. What more can I say? Also totally pet friendly. It is a big wedding venue. Although I believe anyone can stay there, if you are a member you get great prices….We had a one bed room suite that was enormous. Ok, so what did we do? Well Steph and I talked and talked and talked and laughed and laughed. I love the laugh purges. IMG_1024.JPG

We did China Town, Sausalito, ferry ride, city tour, walking tour, shopping, and eating. AND-because we started this tradition 20 years ago when we stayed at Ft Mason, we wear gardenias….Al, the oldster in the photo has been selling flowers at the same stall on Union Square for 67 years!!@!! I’d say that is job loyalty. Oh yes, Steph said that all she wanted to do was be cool, eat, and drink. We did it right. One day we walked 7 miles….and there is something good to say about SAS cute sandals….No blisters, no hobbling, no complaining. I am not going to do an essay on each day….it was just so delightful…never higher than 70 with beautiful sunny skies. My hair was HIDEOUS. I had the bad perm look the entire time. The first night we were there, at happy hour, of course, our next-to-us table mate asked about my fit bit pedometer….from there we bonded with the three of them….Matt, Sandra, and Carmen. He is a AF contractor, she is an AF trauma doctor, and Carmen is a beautiful little 5-year-old. They were on their way to Lakenheith AFB, UK. We all loved each other….it was so much fun….she was smitten with my turban so I did a head wrapping on her right there at the table. There is simply no better place to wear a silk rag turban than in San Francisco. I received TONS of compliments. If I wore it here, I’d be stoned and or shunned! Anyway, I hope they love their four years in the UK….they are so cute and good parents. I did a big MCEC commercial – bookmarking the web site on her home page.

We did eyeglass shopping at See…and both of us are very pleased….

So Steph and I had our reprieve from the miseries of hot, humid weather. I think Len and I are going to meet them in Asheville NC, area next month to look for rentals. A ROAD TRIP! I hope Len and Sarge will get to do some golfing….Steph and I will have about $900.00 at the end of this month and must save our money for another big trip maybe in a couple of years.

Today I want a fun, light-weight, temporary job. Strictly temporary and strictly fun. OK, it is time to beat my mean hair into a ‘DO’ and slather on some theatrical paint. Off to San Antonio tomorrow after Mike L’s funeral. There is a lot of sadness and world meanness going on. And I don’t like it.

I saw a young woman shooting up in SF. I was taking a picture of a mural and she was behind me….she had a sorry look out guy on the corner…but maybe he didn’t think Stephanie and I looked like undercover cops. I wonder about her life and her parents.

Brother Bill says Mom has been down. She is lonely and she has no company. I will write an email to the cousins and ask them to send her a note if they have time. Billy and I will get her up here once a month besides my visits….

Some cute photos from CA and a nice photo Len took of a painted bunting.

IMG_0979.jpg IMG_0983.jpg IMG_0985.jpg IMG_0997.jpg IMG_1012.jpg IMG_0994.JPG IMG_1035.jpg IMG_1008.jpg IMG_1045.JPG


My Status as a Nudist

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What is happening to me? I don’t like wearing clothes. I like to walk around the yard buck-naked. It isn’t a pretty sight but I can do it…Len ignores me and Diego has made no comment as he is usually preoccupied with birds, squirrels and tree bark.

A lot goes on in my little world. I don’t believe in sitting still often but when I do, I do it completely. Like today….part of the day as a nudist the other part of the day, planting caladiums requires clothing. I am sitting on the porch drinking iced coffee and thinking about this couple I used to see every day on my way back home from the office. Every workday, come hell or high water, I would see an older couple sitting on their front porch. He always had on white painters’ overalls. She wore a Walmart housedress. He was in the swing. She was in a lawn chair. They both drank iced tea and watched the cars go by. They might have talked to each other but I never saw it. They seemed very content. That is how I feel during one of my nudist days. Sittin’ on the porch, wearing nothing but Repel Sportsmen Max 40% Deet, drinking iced coffee and sayin’ nothing.’ Very good.

Becky and Bob are gone…moved off to Wimberly where they will be very happy. I feel like I have a new perforation in my heart….These are the folks that have left: Charlie, Patty, Becky and Bob, Susan and Bill, and more I can’t remember. If I think about this I get weepy, because I am now pretty well weaned off the Celexia. I DO FEEL MORE BALANCED. But I am back to weepy. There are worse things than sniveling…like staring into space with a flat affect. In a recent lunch discussion some very balanced girls said they take 4 times the dose I took. I’d lie in a ditch drooling if I took more. I guess it is all about having different responses to medication.

Belinda turned me into a junkie and who would guess…I am addicted to the New York Times Now app and Modern Farmer. I don’t like newspapers…well, I do like the San Antonio Express because of the reports on sightings of the Virgin Mary on the Riverwalk or in the Toyota Truck factory. 2nd only to USA Today with the easy to grasp charts…Annnnnnyway, I am always reading the Times now. I like the stories they publish…although still rather long. How much do I really need to know about the presidential polls? Here is what they say about the app, “ ..NYT Now will provide readers with a curated feed of stories with specially crafted blurbs of key points, allowing readers to scroll down without tapping to an an idea of the mont important news of the moment…..” I am smitten with news about tattling and shaming your neighbors for using water during restrictions; refugee camps in Jordan; imposter nuns and Buddhist monks soliciting donations; pig viruses; the Armenian mafia, Tim Howard’s Tourette; the right time to give up your guns as you age; and although too late for me—’10 Tricks to Appear Smart During Meetings’. I just can’t get enough of this kind of NEWS!

Ok, then there is Modern Farmer. It reminds me of….hmmmm……trendy farming, yuppie, forward thinking farmers…articles that have kept me awake at night: What Farm Dog is Right For You?; Bar Drink Graph; Danger of Agriculture Jobs; and more about romanticicizing farms; and the BEST—goat parkouting. I love this so much…I work feverishly to work that word into conversations. What happened to me? I just love these quirking articles.


Last week I made it to San Angelo to set up Katie Sue’s Social Club…I swear I wrote about this already. My last attempt ended with me in a ditch in Richland Springs….car totaled. This time all went well although I was somewhat nervous as I passed the site….My hands were at 10 and 2 on the steering wheel at all times and I flinched when I saw a truck. OK…so I made it just fine and I was relieved to find the museum to be just-as-it-was-kind-of-place. Kinda seedy and I wanted to encounter a ghost but didn’t. The house will be seen by so many more people this way…I wish I had been smart and asked that they not sell it to anyone. I guess I could do that still. The best: it is gone, I am not responsible for dusting it…every 9 years…I have more space in my living room….I can’t prove I am quirky anymore by showing it off…for certain I need to avoid overthinking this. Mark and Lora took me to a lovely dinner in Miss Hattie’s Parlour, a spiffy restaurant next door. I spent one night and about 10 hours totally straightening and gluing…then browsing the historic district. All in all I can say that San Angelo is interesting…cool downtown murals and shops…I want to go back with chums…not Len, he would not enjoy it. There is a Hummer House B&B nearby where they band painted buntings and hummingbirds…he would like that….I would love that.








Lunch yesterday with Foy. Good visit. We went to Waco to a little deli kind of place. The food was so-so but Foy was rockin’. He told a very, very long story about purchasing 3 ‘diamond’ encrusted picture frames from an old lady. It was a great tale…I like that about a third way through the story, he asked me to retell it so he would know if he had left anything out before he continued!~ A great strategy to use when your mind forgets where you are in the telling of a tale! He plans to go to SMdA for DOD—wants to stay where he stayed last…I sent him the brochure because, of course, he does not have a computer and is occasionally miffed because he doesn’t know about something! I love Foy and I drive him nuts and he drives me nuts. IMG_0941.jpg

Len and I went to Mike Hoelscher’s 60th birthday party…Katie and Collins announced the coming of their baby….Pam would be so I think Len and I might take the golf cart down to Mill Creek Club House for a burger and possibly see some fireworks even though it is July 5th not 4th. We stood out in the pasture last night and watched great firework displaysinteresting about being a grandmother.

That smart looking painted bunting male is at the feeder. His little bride was having a drink from the hummingbird feeder too. I need a nap or more importantly I need to go read our Salado book club selection, Murder as a Fine Art.

Packing for San Francisco starts tomorrow. Cool weather! Stephanie is adamant that she will not be bringing any clothes considered remotely dressy. I reminded her we could not have TEA at St. Francis in jeans.