A Serious Day of Putzing

I haven’t written in ages. More and more I put off writing; no excuse; no interest. It looks like I won’t be another Pearl S. Buck after all. In about an hour I need to be coiffed, buffed, and girded so I can head for the El Chico’s in Killeen for the June birthday soiree.

Meanwhile I have put in a full Home Ecesque day. I picked figs, planted 10 ferns, made a vat of this year’s potatoes into salad, emptied the dishwasher, and yesterday I made fig preserves for Mom……and more things I can’t recall….and I don’t give a damn. Just a little aggression there.

So what needs to be noted since July 5th? I do a lot of errands and if there is ever a career I am best suited to do–it is errand running. I like a good list of menial tasks and I love scratching them off the list. Since the last entry I have mostly readied myself for the big very big San Francisco outing with Stephanie. I have no idea when we started this travel fund…maybe 6 or 7 years ago….we each contribute $300.00 a year into our savings account. Over the years we have made small withdrawals for airfare to visit each other but this is the first big trip. We had one mutual goal: to be cool. So we had a week in SF at the Marine Memorial Hotel…on Mason and Sutter just about two blocks from Union Square. IMG_1072.jpg


This is a great hotel for the money – not at all a ritzy place—pretty much high-end, BOQ. Lots of chandeliers, swags, and leather—but over and over a great location, huge, made-to order, never-ending breakfast and a 4-6 free happy hour. What more can I say? Also totally pet friendly. It is a big wedding venue. Although I believe anyone can stay there, if you are a member you get great prices….We had a one bed room suite that was enormous. Ok, so what did we do? Well Steph and I talked and talked and talked and laughed and laughed. I love the laugh purges. IMG_1024.JPG

We did China Town, Sausalito, ferry ride, city tour, walking tour, shopping, and eating. AND-because we started this tradition 20 years ago when we stayed at Ft Mason, we wear gardenias….Al, the oldster in the photo has been selling flowers at the same stall on Union Square for 67 years!!@!! I’d say that is job loyalty. Oh yes, Steph said that all she wanted to do was be cool, eat, and drink. We did it right. One day we walked 7 miles….and there is something good to say about SAS cute sandals….No blisters, no hobbling, no complaining. I am not going to do an essay on each day….it was just so delightful…never higher than 70 with beautiful sunny skies. My hair was HIDEOUS. I had the bad perm look the entire time. The first night we were there, at happy hour, of course, our next-to-us table mate asked about my fit bit pedometer….from there we bonded with the three of them….Matt, Sandra, and Carmen. He is a AF contractor, she is an AF trauma doctor, and Carmen is a beautiful little 5-year-old. They were on their way to Lakenheith AFB, UK. We all loved each other….it was so much fun….she was smitten with my turban so I did a head wrapping on her right there at the table. There is simply no better place to wear a silk rag turban than in San Francisco. I received TONS of compliments. If I wore it here, I’d be stoned and or shunned! Anyway, I hope they love their four years in the UK….they are so cute and good parents. I did a big MCEC commercial – bookmarking the web site on her home page.

We did eyeglass shopping at See…and both of us are very pleased….

So Steph and I had our reprieve from the miseries of hot, humid weather. I think Len and I are going to meet them in Asheville NC, area next month to look for rentals. A ROAD TRIP! I hope Len and Sarge will get to do some golfing….Steph and I will have about $900.00 at the end of this month and must save our money for another big trip maybe in a couple of years.

Today I want a fun, light-weight, temporary job. Strictly temporary and strictly fun. OK, it is time to beat my mean hair into a ‘DO’ and slather on some theatrical paint. Off to San Antonio tomorrow after Mike L’s funeral. There is a lot of sadness and world meanness going on. And I don’t like it.

I saw a young woman shooting up in SF. I was taking a picture of a mural and she was behind me….she had a sorry look out guy on the corner…but maybe he didn’t think Stephanie and I looked like undercover cops. I wonder about her life and her parents.

Brother Bill says Mom has been down. She is lonely and she has no company. I will write an email to the cousins and ask them to send her a note if they have time. Billy and I will get her up here once a month besides my visits….

Some cute photos from CA and a nice photo Len took of a painted bunting.

IMG_0979.jpg IMG_0983.jpg IMG_0985.jpg IMG_0997.jpg IMG_1012.jpg IMG_0994.JPG IMG_1035.jpg IMG_1008.jpg IMG_1045.JPG


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