I Better Write This FAST

When I write in my journal it is for me…granted when you put something OUT THERE people can read it…I like it when some people read it–like my friends…and sometimes even friends want to bring me back to center…the point is this: when I write in my journal this is me where I am on my own timeline…it is one-way therapy…me out…not me throwing out a net to be reassured or cajoled. Just my vehicle for dealing with thoughts and ideas and experiences.

I received a response from a person I don’t know regarding a journal entry from way back when. Her response seemed angry and I am sorry for that because life energy is so precious…I loved Brogdon Hall and a lot of the people I knew then. It was a time of my personal development…In respect for her opinions, I won’t add them to my commentary…her experiences are not my experiences.

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