Kolbe: My Mentor

I like to think I have had lots of mentors. Dr. Helen Campbell, Chair of the HE Dept at SWTSU who believed I was smarter than I thought I was; Dr. Dale Hardin, former Chair of Consumer and Family Science; Dr. Linda Jones, Dean of Graduate Students Stephen F. Austin; Ann Tishon, English Teacher Kaiserslautern American High School; and Mom, of course. BUT the major mentor is Bill Kolbe.

He was my art professor at SWTSU and friend from 1966-. Patt and I adored him, quoted him, copied him, purchased his paintings, and loved it when he ‘took’ to us. After we graduated, he would come by our apartment for dinner and drinks on his way to his extension classes in Uvalde. Oh we thought we had died and gone to heaven…one time I was whining about my ineptitudes and he said, “Why do you even entertain thoughts like that?” I got it. I still do that but more often than not I realize that doing that kind of stinkin’ thinkin’ is murderous…it is self-talk and it is convincing. He also taught me that it was great to be out of the box….I had been trying to squelch that for years…I guess he encouraged me to ‘come out’ and be outrageous if it felt right.

When I went back to teach at Texas University it was such an honor to be his colleague—sadly we didn’t see each other that much. Over the years I check in and he is always so supportive and appreciative. I worry that people will go without knowing the extent of my gratitude for their sponsorship and affection. So on my way home from SAT I called and arranged a visit. It was delightful two hour chat. I want to repeat every word he said and be as smart as he thinks I am. I loved meeting Ella, his charming and lovely wife of 62 years. They renewed their vows a few years ago. I am sending them a card today——Thank you Bill, you pulled a rabbit out of the hat. A85BD3AC-D551-4E38-AFA9-021596C21FE4.jpeg IMG_1189.JPG IMG_1187.JPG 82-old-and-newsmall.gif 83-moon-glow-small.gif 080514.F.ST_.Kolbe anniversary_0.jpg


One Response to “Kolbe: My Mentor”

  1. Lou Snn Weaks Says:

    What a beautiful tribute — and you did it while he is alive!!!!!!!

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