Mom’s Aliases

Beulah L. Bump

Lee Maynor

Lee Hilliard







She will be amazing until the end. Currently we are having difficulty with differing signatures. Obviously Mom never liked the name Beaulah Bump…she was named after my Grandmother’s best friend….bad, bad move. So she went to the, much preferred, middle name, Lee. With this and two marriages her signature changed and that is playing havoc with legal documentation. Hellish bureaucracy. Especially since she no longer writes legibly. It is almost as bad as the Texas Drivers License…lessons learned: Never, ever let any license expire even if not used and always use the same exact signature….and best don’t give children middle names. Jack Sprat is a good name…John Winthrop Douglas Sprat is a bad name.

Back to Mom’s health. To my way of seeing things, she is nearly at death’s door. She is emaciated, 99% deaf, and speaking is difficult. She coughs all night but can’t take much medicine because it knocks her out for 2 days regardless of amount taken. I won’t even address it all because it is so damned depressing and just wrong. She was and is an incredibly good woman. There isn’t a drop of justice.

I know that when I am home she feels ignored because if anyone else is there she can’t participate in the conversation…Everyone tries it just doesn’t work. If it is just the two of us it is the same because I can no longer scream loud enough…and the dry erase board works best for concept topics. The best is just writing it all out and printing it up for her to read and re-read….but you can’t skip anything or generalize too much or it baffles her.

She likes a ‘field trip.’ We have done Randolph AFB and Lackland AFB; old neighborhoods, the San Antonio Mormon tabernacle; Normandy Terrace; the AT&T stadium; the Broadway Condos; and La Cantera. These are strictly car rides except for the visit to Belinda’s condo. I thought I had run out of ideas but then I had an epiphany as we were watching the Animal Planet channel’s Too Cute Kittens. I will take her to the Animal Defense League for kitten and puppy petting! I KNOW she will love this.   


One Response to “Mom’s Aliases”

  1. Carol Ann Esposito Says:

    So poignant . Love you all.

    Carol Ann Esposito Please excuse my brevity, sent from my iPad.


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