Summer Thai

While I was in San Antonio I went to a Central Market cooking class—I have been to many classes at the Austin Lamar store but never the one in SAT. Perhaps because I had such low expectations, it was faaaaaabuuuulous! It was a ‘hands-on’ class with only 6 registrants and presented by 3 chefs. As far as I knew, I didn’t just love Thai food. BUT, the menu didn’t have fish in it so I signed up….

What was better? The classmates or the food? So first the classmates: A middle-aged female attorney who went back to law school after starting out as an elementary teacher; a young female mechanical engineer; a young accounting student and her handsome boyfriend, a manager at USAA; and a 60+ gerontologist who teaches at UTSA Medical School. I was in hog heaven….So I elected myself to be the group facilitator and started extracting life information. Really, I was so stimulated. Obviously, the gerontologist had the most interesting info. He teaches advanced clinical cognitive diseases. These are things I learned from him: Drawing a simple clock and setting the hands at specified times is the single best indicator of declining cognition (AND NOT a good party game); exercise is the only proven hindrance to the development of dementia; researchers are very close to identifying a solid treatment for Alzheimer’s; interlaminar stabilization decompression is a very good way to treat spinal stenois (for Len’s back); Incarnate Word has a great nursing home; and it is good that Mom is so engaged with the Spurs. I also learned from the group that none of us were in the Witness Protection Program and all are life long learners. I sure did get my money’s worth.


The class was awesome. The chefs divided us into two groups of three—so we were really able to participate. They had all the ingredients nicely prepped so we didn’t have any grunt work but that will make the at home preparations significantly less fun. We made Summer Rolls with peanut dipping sauce, Drunken Noodles, Todman Khao Phot (Spicy Corn Cakes), Coconut Beef Satay; and Thai Fried Bananas with Coconut Ice Cream. Every bit of it was delicious. So I am inspired to have a Make-Your-Own-Summer Roll happy hour. I think it will encourage people not to do the same kind of pairing up and talking about the same topics. Yep, I am going to do this. First I will do it for happy hour group, then birthday club. This is very energizing. Nothing like a themed event to get me going.

I have the Central Market Cooking School schedule—so I will plan to take something as soon as possible when I am back in SAT. Actually, I am going back in 10 days so Billy can go visit David…but nothing is offered then….I want to do hands-on Asian Noodles, Risotto 101, Dumplings of the World, and Gnocchi 101.   

IMG_1165.jpg IMG_1174.jpg IMG_1172.JPG IMG_1177.jpg IMG_1184.JPG IMG_1183.JPG


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