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On My Way To San Antonio I Met a Young Woman at the Shell Station. She Had Spunk

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I was getting petrol in Jarrell — there was a young woman pumping gas into her Jeep that was towing a JetStream. I made some small talk and low and behold she had 5, count them, five rescue dogs and one cat in that car. I told her she had spunk…she said she was like her Grandmother…she had just been visiting her….She had gutted and remodeled the 1959 the JetStream . I told Suz that she reminded me of Francis—and her hope to grow up in a RV traveling around writing with a few dogs. This is for you Francis. Go forth and conquer. I am sending you a blank journal so you can get started. By the way, the cat was verrrrry relaxed and asleep in the back set on a velvet cushion. The jeep was FULL of pillows and eider down comforters with only the driver’s seat empty. Those critters had a great ride. IMG_1269.jpg

Mom’s 93!

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I am writing this almost a week after the fact because I am a card carrying procrastinator. I went back to SAT the Sunday before the birthday fest on Monday. If Billy and I had planned this it would NOT have happened. But Betty planned it and executed it and I was the groomer and maid….Billy was a guest…just like it should be. I really thought Mom was going to DIE the morning of the party. She had zero energy and could hardly move let alone move fast….I gave her lots of time to get ready. No matter how much you tell her specifics, even writing them down—she says she has it all but it slips out of bounds pretty fast. So, although the party was to start at noon, she thought it was 11 and was feeling pretty blue that no one was coming to her party…Billy and I laughed about it later—we agreed that if the party was for either of us—there would be no shows…maybe all no shows. But Mom had a full house right at noon! Betty brought the sandwiches, veggies, tea, and fruit. I managed dessert and flowers. I did Mom’s hair—at first she thought it was too bouffant so a little mashing did the trick. She looked great and wow did she rally for her event. She stayed put in her recliner and looked regal and composed. She hugged and laughed and reminisced and asked me who those people were!!! Betty is a saint and a great friend to Mom.

After the event Mom commented how everyone had aged. Yup. That’s what time does to us.

IMG_1322.jpg IMG_1347.JPGIMG_1331.jpg  IMG_1315.jpgIMG_1323.jpg IMG_1316.jpg

IMG_1356.JPG IMG_1354.JPG IMG_1351.JPG IMG_1341.JPG IMG_1336.JPG IMG_1422.JPG IMG_1340.JPG

Not All Little Beings are Cute

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Commentary from Modern Farmer regarding Micro Pigs.

I Can’t Wait for IH 35 Construction to be Complete

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I am a very busy girl….I am smashing in as much as I can…not that I think it makes much difference how much you do, see, etc. as long as there is joy in it. My Dad was the same way…always on the move and ready for an errand.

Now about my social life in recent weeks: I have been to book clubs, birthday parties, showers, a cooking class, lunch and breakfast reunions with chums, and a smathering of other happy encounters. It is all about keeping my head above water…..I like that expression….yes, that’s what it is about.

In the past month I have reconvened with three old friends….Belinda M., the kindest and sweetest and most genuine person ever and I had a Meg’s feast and caught up. How is it some people turn out so pure in heart and others are tilted toward the darkness. I don’t know but she has my admiration forever.

Ann and I had breakfast at the Jarrell Denny’s on Memorial Day. Ann is very mindful about being fair regarding distance…an uncommon trait! I am still like a deer in the headlights…she had so many great catch up stories…I am not known to be a great listener…but I didn’t even blink once hearing the state of West Bell County. I am proud of Ann.

The day before yesterday I had lunch in San Antonio at the Tip Top CaIMG_1297.jpgfé with a high school chum. I saw Bunnie last in 1992…I opted not to attend my 50th reunion since I only went to school at MacArthur one year…Bunnie and I were friends in middle school then I was in Germany for 3 years of high school then back for the last year at Mac. I just don’t feel connected to those classmates…BUT it was fun to hear about the few I remember…50 of our classmates have died….I knew three of them.

Pam’s daughter, darlin’ Katie, is preg and having a little boy child. Karen, Kim, and I are giving her a shower in December….Pam would like that…I sure wish I could have her back for a couple of hours. I would drive her around East Bell County and we would talk and talk and talk and laugh and laugh and laugh. I would make sure she saw the construction on I 35; I would have her tell me how she would like that grave decorated or not; I would make her look in my heart and that would be easy for her since she is dead; then I would have her sort it all out for me from the perspective of how important is all this shit. She was great at this soul understanding in life so she would be awesome from the beyond.


Now the showers—one baby and one couples shower. The latter was a novelty to the Krals’ duo. Len was pressed into action and did his part well even though he threatened me if we got to the festivity location and if there were no other husbands in attendance! I assured him he would not be alone. This is the kind of thing Len and I have just missed as old barren folks who moved too much. It was fun to see young whipper-snappers in love.

Len went to the Hotter N’ Hell Bike ride in Wichita Falls on Labor Day…he rode way farther than I could even imagine….30 miles against a prevailing, 25 mile an hour wind, 97 F! Seventy-one years old and an amazing athlete!


I am in the cooking mode…I have harvested over 100 tomatoes, blanched the little suckers…then grated them. After all that work I have about 4 quarts of stewedpotatoes. I was scheduled to take a canning class at CM but it was canceled at the last minute—but then I did get go a different day to learn about-Dumplings of the World with James and Belinda–great fun to be with them. The class was so-so though. Flour cooked with butter anyway, is pretty good. I spent the night at the Broadway afterward.IMG_1284.jpg IMG_1282.jpg


IMG_1292.jpgToday Susan S and I went to see This is Where I Leave You—I liked it…books read, heard, or reviewed The Aviator’s Wife, Elephant Company (non-fiction), The Target and David and Goliath

I’ve been obsessed to find the class photo of my first grade class in 1969-70 at Harmony Elementary, East Central ISD, San Antonio. I have Googled school photo companies to no avail. Finally I figured I just needed to go to the school…only to find it is now a Special Population Center and there is a new Harmony…I had fun going out and the school secretary was magnificent…but they don’t keep photos that long. I am disappointed. Those 1st graders are now 52 years old.

I am going back to SAT Sunday to get things ready for Mom’s birthday soiree. This will be two times in four days of IH 35 madness.


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Because of recently viewed movies, I am still only wearing Indian-inspired clothing, something new for Salado, Texas, and as mentioned in the TOC, my primary language is Emoji. Why use words when you can perk up a page with an image of a grinning, yellow face? I can no longer write with a pen and I don’t believe in punctuation except for commas, exclamation marks, dashes, and ellipsis. So that’s my status. Now to Body of the entry…


Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 8.32.07 PM.png

I might not go on the Jalisco tequila making tour—I don’t want to change my ticket if the tour isn’t going to ‘make’ since there is a 5-day lapse between the DOD tour and the Tequila tour–meaning I will be intruding on Camie and Larry for those extra days…there ends their privacy! Hopefully Rodrigo will let me know ASAP so I can start bragging about the opportunity!

Recently I have had many fabulous random memories pop into my mind…They hardly qualify as memories; they are more like snapshots of events and out of the clear blue…this is part of what I call free-fall thinking. It happens often right before drifting off to sleep during a massage. The nice thing about the snap shot memories is that there is nothing current going on that initiates the glimpse. They are so much fun. Recently I had a nanosecond glimpse of the interior of the Schertz, TX, Ol’ Bossy interior.ol-bossy-dairy-new-braunfels-img001.jpg I was newly relocated AGAIN and coping poorly with sisterhood and being a refugee….I must have been about 12. School had not started, we had just moved into a rent house that Mom detested because it was green and was roach infested. We moved soon after…BUT back to the story. I was often called upon, to babysit my brother who would have been about 18 months old. I was starting to find him irritating. So, I took every single opportunity to get out of the green house, better than calling it the roach house, I think. I took my money (?) and walked downtown to the Ol’ Bossy restaurant where I would only order a vanilla malt and cheeseburger. My image is of me…a skinny, snaggle-toothed pubescent sitting at the counter pigging on my favorite foods. Gosh, I love that image. I wish there was an Ol’ Bossy around, I would go and relive the moment.

Not long ago, I learned that Mental Floss is the name of a magazine…and it isn’t a 5 month-old; it is 7 years-old or something like that.. I hate finding out late that there is something that could have helped me over the years to expand my spiel when meeting new people. Jackie says lovingly, I am sure, that I take classes to learn enough to make small talk at cocktail parties….yes, of course, and her point? So back to Mental Floss…Amazon says it is the premier magazine for knowledge junkies and those who enjoy quirky humor and trivia…I qualify…my problem is I can’t retain information to share so I stammer around and make half true statements. I did just watch 36 mostly unknown facts about cats. There is a cat that is a mayor in Alaska and another that is a stationmaster, etc.

Ok, so I have reached the three month point….Dr. B said after three months of taking the citalopram every other day, I could stop taking it all together….I am feeling so much like the old me…very oppositional-defiant but beautiiiiiiifully grounded. So I am bitchy…there are worse things. I remind myself of Louise Penny’s Three Pines character, Ruth, a crotchety old poet. She has absolutely no use for self-regulation…and often calls irritating men, Dick-Head. I laugh every time I think of her.

In the late 1970s I was a plantaholic. I had so many house plants and I nurtured them lovingly—I even went so far as to call the Virginia Ag Extension agent in the Newport News vicinity to get permission to take them all to Texas—big mistake…the old guy had never ever had anyone ask such a question and he ran with it…personal visits to inspect said plants, certificates, etc. Len wanted to kill me for getting this all stirred up. So over the years I reduced my load except for big palms and dracaenas…I don’t know what happened though. Suddenly I have houseplants everywhere—it looks like Kew Gardens. Tropical Glass Houses. I think plants help me breathe efficiently.

On Movies about India

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I guess it started when I first saw movies about Ballywood—for sure it was when I first saw The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel…then this last week I saw The Hundred-Foot Journey. —-And Coming Soon—The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel! I am dressing Indian! I bought a Kamana dress this week and a length of fabric at the Marigold Indian Store in Austin! Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 11.30.58 PM.png

I loved the movies…..happy and unrealistic. How good can it get?

TOC Part I

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Last entry I made a table of contents—really just things I thought I might write about…now I feel compelled to cover them all or I will be backing off something I said I would do which is a huge no-no for me. So I will plow through and it won’t make sense because I waited too long for writing. Grrrr.


When I was in SAT last week I wanted to take Mom to the Pearl Farmer’s Market—Mom was having a bad day and just couldn’t pull it off. She needs 4 hours to build up her stamina to go out and she had a late start…if she feels rushed it is a double whammy for her. So we will do that another time. I was hell bent though to take her to the Humane Society the following day because I thought she would like it and she did—a lot. The facility was sooooo nice and totally unlike the ‘animal defense league’ that I remembered. It was clean, no odors, attractive, and the critters were housed beautifully and with sensitivity. It was kinda difficult getting Mom in because I didn’t use my best parking judgment. I had to take her transport chair and push it over lumpy ground that ended up really hurting her. Once inside it was really fun…we had private glassed in rooms to sit and play with a kitten. Later we went into a larger glassed in area with cat ‘trees,’ toys, and swings…with mature cats… nice, but nothing as alluring as time with a frisky kitten. I was able to get some great pictures too. The dog units were pretty loud as expected so we didn’t stay too long there. It was a great outing…except for the bumpy ride inside.

Being at Mom’s is challenging. First it is dark….I am used to my bright home. It is also extremely loud because the TV volume is set at the high end because of Mom’s deafness. I should wonder, since I am seriously hearing impaired…but she is stone deaf. Then it is HOT….Mom is so pitifully thin—no fat so she is always cold…very, very cold. This is her reality….When I go to Mom’s I take a fan, borrow a fan from Billy, and use the ceiling fan in the bedroom….and I am burning up. What’s my point? I am blessed to have time with her and my silly complaints make me a small person. I know it, I live with it, and I am miserably ashamed of it. Time with her is NOT about me.

On the way to the farmer’s market I saw the marquee in front of the Lion’s Park that said, ‘Tonight Ukulele Jamming and Sing Along.’ I was so excited…this is just what I needed to perk me up—sitting around singing “Shine on Harvest Moon”, “Home on the Range”, and the “Yellow Rose of Texas”…..maybe even “She’ll be Coming Around the Mountain!” While Mom napped, I Googled the SAT Ukulele Club and then gave them a call. Curses. The signage was from the day before I read it. Damn. I was so pumped. Well, I am not to be discouraged—I will go next month and with a little encouragement I may take up the Uke. I was telling the MJ girls about it today. The Ukulele web site promoted learning to play—touting the convenience of the small size and how you could easily practice on road trips! I had to laugh. Len trapped in the car listening to me belt out “Mares Eat Oats and Does Eat Oat and Little Lambs Eat Ivy.” Sure. He would murder me. When I built my dulcimer in 1985, the kit came with a learn-to-play book. I practiced “She’ll Be Coming Around the Mountain” night and day. After a day or two, Len asked that I play in the guest bedroom then later would I mind playing outside. He is not a connoisseur of the dulcimer-I am not sure if it was my musical acumen on the dulcimer or my voice!

I am not a patient person. When I am in SAT, I cope by eating, drinking, shopping, and reading. I wouldn’t mind smoking again. I pray to God, this doesn’t show on my face but I fear it does…hence the comment Mom made last week….she said something to this effect, “You know I lost my Mom early….I didn’t have the opportunity to be with her during her old age.” She knows how to make a point and she does NOT mince words these days. I straightened up right quickly! I love her and I was acting out and she let me know it.

I think it would help if I had a beautiful faith…I want to be something…a Buddhist, Holy Roller, Presbyterian, Unitarian, Catholic, or Episcopalian—something. I have been fighting being agnostic since the beginning of my spiritual awareness. I don’t want to be a snake handler. I sure do connect with Anne Lamott.

I just reread this. Like Bridget Jones’ Note to Self: I must go back to school and learn about quotation marks.

“Just Sayin’—‘Why Do You Ask?’

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Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 8.54.14 PM.png

A 95% unproductive Labor Day….maybe 98%! Well, not exactly. I had a happy breakfast with Ann at Denny’s…picked tomatoes….made a cucumber salad….and now writing in my journal on this auspicious Labor Day 2014…and had a 2-hour recovery nap. Just sayin’, that’s my take on a serious Labor Day…why do you ask? Inside joke.

Ok, time for a recounting so I might remember some of my life in another hour. I sense there will be no points made in my writing today… My Table of Contents for next entry:

  1. Field trip to the Humane Society
  2. Mom makes her point
  3. My three-fan boudoir in San Antonio
  4. Ukulele Jamin’
  5. Circadian clock blues
  6. Eating at Ol’ Bossy’s
  7. Emojis—no more grawlix for me
  8. My coping mechanisms in San Antonio: Eat, drink, shop, read. Mom’s condition makes me nuts
  9. Mental Floss—how could I not know?
  10. Shishito peppers
  11. I would like to be a something—Buddist, Holy Roller, Presbyterian, Unitarian, Episcopalian—something.
  12. Jalisco-Masters of Tequila and Folk Art –
  13. Modern Farmer Big Bunnies
  14. Len at the Hotter ’N Hell bike ride
  15. Social flitting-Belinda M., Ann, L., book club, birthday club, Katie, showers.