“Just Sayin’—‘Why Do You Ask?’

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A 95% unproductive Labor Day….maybe 98%! Well, not exactly. I had a happy breakfast with Ann at Denny’s…picked tomatoes….made a cucumber salad….and now writing in my journal on this auspicious Labor Day 2014…and had a 2-hour recovery nap. Just sayin’, that’s my take on a serious Labor Day…why do you ask? Inside joke.

Ok, time for a recounting so I might remember some of my life in another hour. I sense there will be no points made in my writing today… My Table of Contents for next entry:

  1. Field trip to the Humane Society
  2. Mom makes her point
  3. My three-fan boudoir in San Antonio
  4. Ukulele Jamin’
  5. Circadian clock blues
  6. Eating at Ol’ Bossy’s
  7. Emojis—no more grawlix for me
  8. My coping mechanisms in San Antonio: Eat, drink, shop, read. Mom’s condition makes me nuts
  9. Mental Floss—how could I not know?
  10. Shishito peppers
  11. I would like to be a something—Buddist, Holy Roller, Presbyterian, Unitarian, Episcopalian—something.
  12. Jalisco-Masters of Tequila and Folk Art – www.travelian.com.mx
  13. Modern Farmer Big Bunnies
  14. Len at the Hotter ’N Hell bike ride
  15. Social flitting-Belinda M., Ann, L., book club, birthday club, Katie, showers.

One Response to ““Just Sayin’—‘Why Do You Ask?’”

  1. Lou Snn Weaks Says:

    Your “to write” list sounds intriguing. No. 11 made me recall my
    one evening as a Holy Roller many, many, many years ago!

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