Because of recently viewed movies, I am still only wearing Indian-inspired clothing, something new for Salado, Texas, and as mentioned in the TOC, my primary language is Emoji. Why use words when you can perk up a page with an image of a grinning, yellow face? I can no longer write with a pen and I don’t believe in punctuation except for commas, exclamation marks, dashes, and ellipsis. So that’s my status. Now to Body of the entry…


Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 8.32.07 PM.png

I might not go on the Jalisco tequila making tour—I don’t want to change my ticket if the tour isn’t going to ‘make’ since there is a 5-day lapse between the DOD tour and the Tequila tour–meaning I will be intruding on Camie and Larry for those extra days…there ends their privacy! Hopefully Rodrigo will let me know ASAP so I can start bragging about the opportunity!

Recently I have had many fabulous random memories pop into my mind…They hardly qualify as memories; they are more like snapshots of events and out of the clear blue…this is part of what I call free-fall thinking. It happens often right before drifting off to sleep during a massage. The nice thing about the snap shot memories is that there is nothing current going on that initiates the glimpse. They are so much fun. Recently I had a nanosecond glimpse of the interior of the Schertz, TX, Ol’ Bossy interior.ol-bossy-dairy-new-braunfels-img001.jpg I was newly relocated AGAIN and coping poorly with sisterhood and being a refugee….I must have been about 12. School had not started, we had just moved into a rent house that Mom detested because it was green and was roach infested. We moved soon after…BUT back to the story. I was often called upon, to babysit my brother who would have been about 18 months old. I was starting to find him irritating. So, I took every single opportunity to get out of the green house, better than calling it the roach house, I think. I took my money (?) and walked downtown to the Ol’ Bossy restaurant where I would only order a vanilla malt and cheeseburger. My image is of me…a skinny, snaggle-toothed pubescent sitting at the counter pigging on my favorite foods. Gosh, I love that image. I wish there was an Ol’ Bossy around, I would go and relive the moment.

Not long ago, I learned that Mental Floss is the name of a magazine…and it isn’t a 5 month-old; it is 7 years-old or something like that.. I hate finding out late that there is something that could have helped me over the years to expand my spiel when meeting new people. Jackie says lovingly, I am sure, that I take classes to learn enough to make small talk at cocktail parties….yes, of course, and her point? So back to Mental Floss…Amazon says it is the premier magazine for knowledge junkies and those who enjoy quirky humor and trivia…I qualify…my problem is I can’t retain information to share so I stammer around and make half true statements. I did just watch 36 mostly unknown facts about cats. There is a cat that is a mayor in Alaska and another that is a stationmaster, etc.

Ok, so I have reached the three month point….Dr. B said after three months of taking the citalopram every other day, I could stop taking it all together….I am feeling so much like the old me…very oppositional-defiant but beautiiiiiiifully grounded. So I am bitchy…there are worse things. I remind myself of Louise Penny’s Three Pines character, Ruth, a crotchety old poet. She has absolutely no use for self-regulation…and often calls irritating men, Dick-Head. I laugh every time I think of her.

In the late 1970s I was a plantaholic. I had so many house plants and I nurtured them lovingly—I even went so far as to call the Virginia Ag Extension agent in the Newport News vicinity to get permission to take them all to Texas—big mistake…the old guy had never ever had anyone ask such a question and he ran with it…personal visits to inspect said plants, certificates, etc. Len wanted to kill me for getting this all stirred up. So over the years I reduced my load except for big palms and dracaenas…I don’t know what happened though. Suddenly I have houseplants everywhere—it looks like Kew Gardens. Tropical Glass Houses. I think plants help me breathe efficiently.


One Response to “TOC Part II”

  1. I enjoyed this post and want to say I love the old you, the new you, whatever…just you. Hope you feel the same. I love house plants, but frequently kill them. I will defiantly look at the cat facts. Maybe Mickey should run for Salado mayor! Keep writing!

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